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6 Tips To Drastically Improve Your Website’s User Experience

By: Diksha | April 23,2019 |

4 min read

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The website plays a core anchor in boosting your digital marketing efforts. According to a recent study, 80% of people don’t stay on the website if they don’t get a smooth user experience. Regardless of how good product or service you are selling, chances are you will lose the customers if you fail to provide them with a user-friendly website. website-user-experience While designing your website, keep in mind that your website is nothing but a 24/7 salesperson for your business. You can also say that it is one of the most powerful assets for boosting marketing efforts. The ever-changing digital marketing trends can make any website look outdated. So, if you are looking for some quick hacks, then we can provide you some useful information. We have curated a list of simple tips that can help to improve the website’s user experience.

Use White Space

Just imagine, would you read an article if it's just one big paragraph? Well, one needs to understand that the way you put content does not make the difference alone. What you need to consider is the blank space between the paragraphs and images which is commonly known as “White Space.” White space can actually make your website fresh, open, and modern. Not just that it can also help to communicate better with the user. With white space, your content will be more legible and allow the user to focus on other elements of the website as well. But, there are a few things to consider when adding white space to the content. For example - if you are trying to get the content above the folder, then having too much white space might replace the valuable information. So, make sure you keep the balance between what you want to communicate and what is less relevance. You can surround that content with some space to highlight it in a better way.

Optimize Your Page Speed

Would you like it if you have to wait to get information on the website? Probably not! Well, another frustrating thing for a user is waiting for the web page to load. It has been observed that the users don’t like a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Google offers many free tools to check the page speed and also provide with some suggestions to improve the load time on both desktop and mobile. You can also start by compressing the images before loading them to the website. Trust me, this will drastically help you in speeding up the website.

Use Hyperlink Differentiation

When you add a link to the page, you expect the users to click it, right? So, you need to make sure these links are easily identifiable. Well, differently colored and underlined texts usually draws the attention of the users and urge them to click. Now, when it comes to hyperlink differentiation, you need to stick to convention. An easy way to check how effective the links are it to remove the color from the design and blur to see how it looks. Another key thing to consider is not to think about the length of the hyperlink. The experts say, the longer the link title is, it is easier to identify them.

Simplify The Navigation Menus

Adding too many things to the navigation menu will make it confusing for the visitor. So, what you need to do is to cut a few items on the list. For this, you can group various pages to the drop-down menu and then move the items to the footer navigation. Alternatively, you can highlight some of the pages in a creative way in other places on your website. Keeping it simple, having 5-6 items on the navigation bar is more than enough. In case, you have more than 7 items on the main navigator, we would suggest you rethink! You need to look for better ideas to organize those pages so that you can provide the users with better user experience.

Create A Call-To-Action On Different Pages

While designing the website, it is important to keep a flow of steps for the user. Just like you add items in the navigation menu, which naturally progresses from one page to another. It is important that the content on each page should guide the users around your site too. Having a better flow to your website will help you get rid of dead-ends (which are the pages that do not have any call-to-action). For instance, there are some website pages which display a lot of content and images but don’t guide the users for what to do next. Basically, you are missing out a great opportunity to point the viewers to get the services. Let us guide you with a few examples that will help you create a call-of-action.
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Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Navigating to sites on phones which don’t fit properly to the mobile screens is a big no-no for the users. Most people use their phones to access relevant information online. And, a mobile-friendly site is a primary asset for ranking the websites. Yes, it is important to have a great desktop site, but remember, it is equally important to consider mobile users. Therefore, it is important for the website to be responsive to various loading devices. Believe us, optimizing your website to mobile will provide you with endless benefits. We hope these tips have given you an idea of how to enhance the user website experience. Don’t forget, a good web experience is not just about reading useful information, it is about providing that information in a more engaging and pleasing way. Still, have doubts? Drop us a message to get more suggestions and hands-on advice from our experts.

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