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HR & Artificial Intelligence: the Miracle Combo for Orgs | Softuvo

By: Diksha | October 15,2021 |

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Back in time, it was hard to even imagine the wonders that technology is doing today, isn’t it? The evolving lifestyles and revolution in technology have changed the business scenarios. Almost every industry today has gotten the taste of technology.

Speaking of technology, one name that has left a solid impression on the users as well as on the businesses is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Smart technology has helped to ease human lives by making the task faster and smarter. This tech age demands some revolutionary changes and AI is efficiently catering to them. In this post, we are going to talk about the Human Resource (HR) department and how Artificial Intelligence has been a game-changer in this industry. Let’s find out the details.

Role Of HRs in Organizations

Whether we accept it or not, human resources are one of the most important departments of every company. Whether it is a startup or an already established enterprise, HR plays a major role in the smooth functioning of the business structure.  The HR owns the responsibility of dealing with the practical as well as the emotional side of the employees while ensuring making more recruitments. There is nothing wrong to say that the HR of the company has to wear several hats in a company to ensure a healthy work environment.

How is AI Mingled with HR?

Artificial Intelligence is a smart technology that comes with pre-programmed algorithms. The AI technology when mingles with human resources turns out to be a blessing. With the help of AI technology, companies can not only fasten the hiring process but also enhance the overall recruitment process of employees.

Some Ways AI Can Help In Reinventing HR

Talent Acquisition (TA)

The wonders of artificial intelligence are best seen in the talent acquisition process. From initial screening of the documents to sustaining the data, scheduling the interviews, and more, AI can effortlessly manage all. The technology helps in decreasing the time and effort of the HRs that is needed to do such tasks. When the HR process is simplified, the HR team can focus on other important tasks like - employee management, sourcing, recruitment marketing, and more. Artificial Intelligence is smart enough to scrutinize the perfect candidates as per your company’s requirements. It will help to choose the candidate that meets most of the boxes of requirements, therefore making the screening process fast.

Apart from that, AI empowers chatbots that can ensure smooth communication with the candidates. Chatbots can further help in assigning jobs to the candidates on the basis of their profiles. This will help in shortlisting the best fit candidate for the job description and further help in scheduling direct interviews for hiring.

Onboarding of New Recruits

AI also helps in the onboarding process of newly hired candidates. The AI-powered systems can help in introducing the employees to the company regulations and information on their first day. The new employees can attain all the vital information like - company policies, information of team members, task assignment, leave policies, and more directly on their systems. It has been observed that a smooth onboarding process helps the candidates to be well-informed and organized. Thus, making a seamless relationship with the company. Artificial Intelligence helps in customizing the processes to cater to employees’ needs and their corresponding positions.

A few quick ways AI is helping in HR:

  • Explaining the job duties, profiles, and benefits.

  • Answering different types of FAQs.

  • Important details of the company.

  • Verifying the employee’s legal documents.

Learning and Training Programs

Sorting the onboarding process is not the only thing artificial intelligence can help in, it can also help in learning and training the programs as per their relevance to the positions. It also helps in gaining knowledge about all the latest software developments and technologies in the market to stay updated. Apart from that, artificial intelligence can automatically scrutinize the documents and automatically assigns suitable training for each employee. The technology can also help in retrieving past information as well, this will allow the HR department to analyze all the information and train the employees in a better and consistent way. So, with the help of technology training, the employees will be like eating a piece of cake that requires no hard work. :) 

Fosters Decision Making Process

AI-powered applications are smart and can efficiently help in making some real-time decisions in the best way. The beauty of artificial intelligence is the way it magnifies cognitive computing and serves the purpose of making valuable decisions for the organization. Overall, it can support and aid an employee’s capabilities and provide them with a great sense of encouragement.

How Artificial Intelligence has transformed Human Resources?

The magic of artificial intelligence in the field of human resources is more than you can imagine. Technology has transformed the HR department in a number of days. From easy scrutinizing of resumes to verifying documents, providing training, communicating, and a lot more, AI is definitely a beneficial deal for human resources. AI has helped in uplifting the workplace by grasping the important information and powering it to good use for the organization.

Final Words

While many of us are still stuck with the old-style tactics of human resources, the truth is there is a lot more in the room with technology. Powering the HR space with a mix of powerful technologies like - artificial intelligence will enhance productivity by fastening the whole recruitment process. Smart technology can interpret massive amounts of data and deliberately help in shortlisting the right-fit candidate for the required position or job role.

In this highly competitive world, finding the right fit candidate is not an easy catch, and HRs undergo a lot of hustle to recruit the right candidate for the company. The job of HRs might seem easy to many of you, but trust me it is quite a challenging one. And, it’s high time the businesses, as well as the employees, understand the true value of HR in an organization.

HRs are the makers of the organizations and technologies can power up their systems.

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