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How to Fix Failed App Projects: Reasons of Failure and Recovery

By: Diksha | January 21,2022 |

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Oh ho! Did your app development project fail miserably? Despite putting in all the efforts and time, your project was a big loss. But, where did everything go wrong? Questions like how to fix the project? How to ensure that the project works in your favor? Well, firstly you are not alone on this ride! There are many developers who have encountered such situations. The truth is that there is no specific reason for the project's failure. The list is quite long!

So, in this post, we will be highlighting a few common reasons that lead to the app failure and steps that can help you in saving the drawing boat of the project. Let’s dive into the details.

Unclear About The Project Requirements 

The worst scenario is when the team starts working on the project without gaining any comprehensive knowledge of the app idea. This means that the product created is far different from what the app idea of the client is. In short, the project will surely be a big flop!

Lack of Resources

There are various tools and resources required to create an app such as - prototyping tools, automated testing tools, analytics software, and more. In case, the resources are not available at the time of the app development, then it can delay the overall development process, dulls the impression on the app market, affect the quality of the app, and ultimately leads to project failure.

App Design Without Wireframing and MindMapping

It is commonly seen that many developers and businesses overlook the importance of wireframing and mind mapping. They basically don’t follow the right design flow that should be followed while creating the app. It prevents them from looking into the hidden challenges and opportunities that are causing the app failure.

Unrealistic Schedules

Another major reason for the app failure is that some developers set unrealistic deadlines without understanding the actual time and effort needed to complete the project. This automatically leads to the postponing of the project task in the next phase and eventually leads to app failure.

Steps to Revive The Failed App Project

Invest in Discovery Phase

Trust me, it is really important to have your fact cleared! It is the best practice to invest time in the discovery phase where you can get the right insights about the customer behavior,  market, tools and technologies, arena, and more. Collecting this information can help in validating the app idea in a strategized way and help you in the next phases of the app.

Perform Competitive Analysis

Having a fair idea of what your competitors are doing in the market is quite crucial. When you do competitor analysis, then you can analyze what technologies and features you must add to your app business model. So, make sure you don’t skip this part!

Look Into Code Reusability Possibilities

It is really important to analyze what extent of the code can be reused. The dedicated developer must look into the possibility of code reusability. It will help in saving time, effort, and recovering from the failed software.

Address Issues in Real-Time

Another thing you must do is to address all the issues in real-time. By having a dedicated project management team, you can keep a track of app success at regular intervals. This helps in identifying the possible risks and opportunities at regular intervals. Also, it further enhances the recovery environment and increases the chances of app success. Likewise, it is really important to do the audit process on a regular basis and share suggestions on a regular basis. It will surely help in saving time and effort.

Final Verdict

Now, you must be wondering, when exactly to rework the project and when to start over again? Well, that’s a tricky question! But, analyzing a few questions can help you with the same. Has the need for the project changed and if yes then to what extent? Has the priority of the project changed? Do you have enough resources to make the changes in the project? 

Analyzing these questions will surely help! Well, that’s all! If you are facing any trouble with your current app or planning to start building the app from the scratch, then let us know. Our expert team can help you with your concerns!

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