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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App-Like Zoom - A Detailed Guide

By: Diksha | June 09,2020 |

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The global pandemic Covid-19 has left us all startled. Who could have thought that something like this would happen? In these times where social distancing is the only norm followed by the companies, it is hard for companies to manage their businesses. The remote work culture has urged the need for apps like - Zoom. Within a matter of a few months Zoom app has got more than 2 million app downloads across the globe. Companies can now easily conduct meetings via conference calls on the app and stay connected with their team member. The popularity of the app clearly indicates how investing in app-like Zoom will be a profitable business. In this article, we will understand all the details essential for creating app-like Zoom. Let’s read the details!

What is Zoom App?

It’s a cloud-based app where you can virtually interact with each other via audio or video calls. The app is compatible with Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. The Zoom app has been really popular among businesses in the past 6 months. Calling on Zoom is free for under 40 minutes, then you can upgrade to different plans namely - Zoom Free, Zoom Pro, Zoom Business, and Zoom Enterprise.

Features Of Zoom App

Here is a list of common features that Zoom app offers, let’s read out the details.

HD Audio and Video

The app offers high definition video and audio quality where you can interact with the meetings on the go. This means you can increase you can engage with your team and engage with more people with ease.

Scheduling and Calendering

This is probably the best feature of the Zoom app. You can integrate the calenders to the app and plan tasks and schedule things.

Team Chat

The app allows you to chat with your colleagues and friends. You can share content, emoji, and enjoy group chats. It’s a seamless platform to interact with your team.

Virtual Background

One exciting feature of the Zoom app is virtual backgrounds.  You can change the background on video conferences of participants. You also get a touch of my appearance that allows you to look more presentable.

Screen Sharing

Yes, the app allows you to share the screens with multiple participants. So, you can work simultaneously with your team and engage with them.

Virtual Hand-Raising

That’s something interesting, isn’t it? Well, this feature allows the participants to raise hands virtually and notify the speakers that they want to talk. It’s a great feature especially if there are a number of participants.


If you are hosting a meeting on Zoom, you can create a poll to ask the participants to share views or opinions on the topic. This is a great way to get feedback on the topic discussed or the topic you want to discuss.

Zoom is a powerful yet secure app that allows you to interact with a number of participants at a single time. The smart features of the app take the conversations to the next level.

How To Create An App Like - Zoom

Creating an app is not an icing on the cake, you need to seek some professional help. There are several factors you need to look for when creating an app like - Zoom. Let’s read about them in detail.

A Team Of Professionals

Before you begin the app development process, you need a team of professionals like - Android and iOS developers, UX/UI designers, backend developers, QA specialists, and a project manager. When you hire an IT company, you can select your team based on their expertise, and together they will help you in successfully creating the app.

Desired Platform

The next step is to select the desired platform. You can choose from Native, Web-Based, and Progressive Web Apps.

  • Web-Based Apps: These are accessible on mobile phone web browsers. So, you don’t have to download the app, you can access it directly from the browser. Simple - CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are used in creating the app.
  • Native Apps: Here, you can choose which platform to choose Android and iOS. The best part of these apps is you can use them offline too which makes them easy to access anywhere.
  • Progressive Web Apps: The concept of PWAs have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It’s the combination of web and native apps, so it’s definitely much better.

Development Process

Once you know which platform you want to choose, head on to the development process. The development process begins with planning and structuring the layout of the app. The first step is to discuss the app ideas that match best with our business requirements. Once you have a layout in mind, the designing process begins. The app must have an interactive and visually appealing to the user so as to enhance the user experience. After this stage, you can start the development process. The developers will work with other team members to develop a robust app solution. When your app is developed, make sure you do the app testing process. This step ensures the app is fully functional and secure for the users.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like - Zoom

Cost is the biggest factor to consider when creating an app. The cost of creating an app like - Zoom depends on several factors. The major factors include - Design, Features, and Rate of the development team per hour.

It is not possible to depict an exact amount to develop an app like- Zoom. Depending on the several factors the costs may vary. In countries like - India, a rough estimate is around $40000- $70000 as a whole for creating apps like - Zoom.

Final Thoughts

Apps like - Zoom has become the need of the hour this Corona crisis. So, investing in such an app will surely help your business gain recognition in the industry and roll profits.

Schedule your consultation with our team and we can help you plan the best app strategy. It’s time now!

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