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How COVID-19 Affected E-Commerce: Facts, Impacts, Opportunities

By: Diksha | June 30,2020 |

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The year 2020 has started off with the killer Coronavirus outbreak which has become a global health crisis for all. The COVID19 pandemic has impacted several business industries leaving them all in a huge economic crisis. With the increase in the number of COVID19 patients every day, there is a lot more to witness ahead.

Facts & Figures

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Total Cases of COVID19 Worldwide - 10,249,741

Total Cases of COVID19 In India - 549,197

Note: The figures are as per worldometer on 30th June 2020.
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5 Worst Hit Industries Due to COVID19

Travel Industry

The travel sector was the first hit to contain the spread of the virus. The government put restrictions on both international and national travels.

Hotel Industry

While many restaurants and hotels came up with takeout delivery options, the industry still faced a huge downfall with more than 48% of people lost their jobs.


Automobile Industry

The year 2020 has been the worst year for the automobile industry with more than 92% drop in sales in the initial phases of the Corona outbreak.

Retail Industry

The shutdown of malls and retail outlets have put halt to the retail outlet’s sales. The only interest of the consumers remained to the essentials only.

Hospitality and Tourism Industry

With the travel restrictions around the globe, the tourism and hospitality industry witnessed a downfall with more than 70% of people lost their jobs.

Despite the huge downfall in the economies, some sectors did really well to combat the COVID situation and boosted the overall economy.

E-Commerce Sector

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The only hope left for millions of people.

COVID19 has left millions of people under lockdown. With several people following the social distancing norms and avoiding going out necessarily, the e-commerce sector came to the rescue.  Top e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Big Basket, and more stopped the deliveries of non-essentials items and focussed on providing daily essentials only.

Positive Impact of COVID19 On Various E-Commerce Sectors

Medical E-Commerce

E-Commerce companies like - Netmeds helping people with their medical and health essentials during COVID times, and rolling great profits out of it. Regular medications are important to many and such companies have been there for the rescue of several people.

Food/Grocery E-Commerce

Thanks to companies like - Big Basketpeople got their basic necessities fulfilled while sitting at home. Such companies have managed good profits even during the pandemic. This sector has seen a positive impact on the global crisis with an increase in both sales and profits.

Digital Streaming  E-Commerce

The lockdown left us all strangled at home, the digital streaming channels like - Netflix, and Disney+ made this time bearable for all of us. The instant shutdown of the entertainment industry made the audiences shift to OTT channels platforms and the sector has seen huge growth.

E-Commerce Sectors That Went Through A Hard Time

Fashion and Luxury Industry

The pandemic has shifted the need of people to basic necessities only. The fashion and luxury industry have seen a setback. The safety concerns, unavailability of items, delivery issues have been the major reasons for the downfall of this sector.

Travel Industry

The pandemic has seen a tremendous rate of travel cancellations making it difficult to get sales and earn profits. Not just that, there has been a decline in travel-ad revenue as well. It is predicted that the travel industry will come up with low flight rates in the future to overcome the financial crisis.

Opportunities For E-Commerce Industry


The  COVID19 pandemic has led consumer behavioral changes and it shows there will be a change in the e-commerce trends in the future also.

Considering the social distancing norms, people will avoid shopping in the marketplaces and shift to online stores. E-Commerce stores like - Amazon, Flipkart, and more will continue with their home delivery services.

With most of the population opting for enjoying food at home, the online delivery companies like - Zomato, Swiggy will go on a surge.

People will continue to make medical and health purchases online keeping the medical e-commerce grow.

The popularity of OTT platforms will continue to rise as people will avoid going to crowded cinema halls.

What Is The New Normal For People Amid COVID19?

E-commerce will continue to flourish as people will continue to shop online to meet their necessities.

Remote working is the new work culture, especially for the IT industry.

The sale of masks, sanitizers, and disinfectants will keep on rising.

The stereotype of 9-5 jobs can become a thing of a past as work from home offers a flexible working environment.

Automation will be accelerated with algorithms and robots that don’t get sick.

Contactless payments are the only way the economy works.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which sector has been affected most by the global pandemic COVID19?

The travel and hotel industry are the worst-hit sectors due to COVID19.

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How Grocery E-Commerce industry helped in combating COVID19?

The COVID19 outbreak made us all stay indoors in the lockdown. The food and grocery e-commerce sector helped us cater to our essentials and survive the pandemic. Thanks to the essential workers, we managed to survive these tough times!

What is the New Normal?

COVID19 has changed the scenario everywhere. The new normal is all about remote working, contactless payments, compulsory masks, and the importance of hygiene.

How to fight COVID19?

While the vaccination is still not out, all we can do to fight the pandemic is to follow the WHO recommendations and maintain hygiene at all costs. Step out only if it’s important, otherwise #Stayhome

How to create an effective e-commerce business in the times of COVID19?

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