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How Artificial Intelligence Powering Mobile App Industry

By: Diksha | June 08,2020 |

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Artificial Intelligence has created a buzz in several industries today. The technology is revolutionizing the mobile application by providing a personalized and comprehensive user experience to the users. The global market of AI is expected to reach around 8 billion US dollars by the end of this year.

In this blog, we have explained how technology is powering the mobile app industry. Let’s dig in the details.

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The technology powering businesses.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Feeding your business with innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

Technology is designed to imitate intelligent human behavior. AI works and reacts to the given set of algorithms just like humans do. It includes - predictive messaging, voice recognition, understanding the language, recognizing objects, and possess problem-solving skills.

Basic Components Of AI

Here is the list of the basic component of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithms
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Network.

Top Industries Using AI

AI touching several business industries intelligently.

‘’Our intelligence is what makes us smarter, and AI is an extension of that quality’’- Yann Lecun

AI In Healthcare Industry

A Big Contribution

Artificial Intelligence helps to collect, manage, and store data of several patients at a time. By analyzing the reports, clinical notes, and research the AI can detect the problems and guide the patients with the best treatment plan.

AI In Finance Industry

Transforming your financial habits.

AI is helping the customers in managing their money and rectifying spending habits. Banks use AI in the form of chatbots to provide customer support and as tools to tracks the spendings. RBI is the first bank in Canada to launch personalized AI that will helps the customers to track and manage their spendings.

AI In Automotive Industry

It’s Biggie!

AI is now shaping the automotive industry as well. AI can monitor the number of sensors and respond to even dangerous situations to control the vehicle. Companies like - Ford has powered with Amazon to help to bring Alexa to the cars, thereby adding features like - playing audiobooks, weather predictions, and more.

AI In Education Industry

A smart way of learning.

AI is powering personalized learning experiences and has helped to transform the education systems. AI has modernized the ways of learning and made education accessible to all. AI-powered education apps like - Kidaptive,  Duolingo, and Brainly have stood out in this sector.

Interesting Facts About AI

The AI market is expected to reach $60 billion by 2025.

The global GDP will grow by $15.7 trillion by 2030.

More than 75% of devices already feature AI in one form or another.

Top Companies Using AI In Mobile App Development


Google Assitant is an AI-powered voice assistant that acts on the language input and help in organizing your day efficiently.


The brand uses AI to provide better recommendations to the customers and help in enhancing their shopping experiences.


Uses customer data, external data, and other algorithms to create a customized and successful user experience.

Role Of AI In Mobile App Development


Incorporating AI-powered visual searches will power SEO strategy and increase conversion rates.

User  Experience

The personalized results help to deliver the right solutions as per the customer needs and enhances the user experience.

App Security

Using AI with parallel technologies like - Predictive analysis and Machin learning allows the app to easily detect security threats.

Automatic Reply

The AI technology is powered with an auto-reply feature that helps in establishing better communication with your users.

AI & IoT

The perfect blend of IoT and AI helps to understand the daily routine of the users. Wearables are the ultimate example of this combination.

Facial Recognition

This trendy AI-powered mobile app feature is common is trending in the market. Apps are now providing this additional feature to enhance security.

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How Softuvo Can Help In Creating AI-Powered Mobile Apps


By integrating creative ideas, we plan out further strategies.


We create an app layout and add features that match the right to the tone of your app.


The AI mix with other algorithms is integrated.


After the design and technology are integrated the development process begins.


The rigorous testing is done before launching the app on Google Play stores and App Stores.

It's Time To Build Your Dream AI-Powered Mobile App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - 1 - How Can We Apply Artificial Intelligence?

One of the most common questions is how to apply artificial intelligence. Well, AI can be used in different areas of businesses and personal lives.

Chatbots: Businesses incorporate chatbots to their websites and help the users to interact in a fluid way. You can incorporate these to converse better and enhance the user experience.

Virtual Assistants: We all have been using Siri and Google Assistants. The coming years will witness more powerful incorporation of technology.

Market Research: There are various AI tools that help in analyzing the market and public opinions. You can apply the technology to keep up with the latest trends and serve your audiences better.

Q -  2 - How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future?

The impact of artificial intelligence will be greater than you can imagine. AI is affecting almost every industry today. It has emerged as a powerful technology boosting businesses and individual lives. The future of AI will focus on making our lives fully autonomous, thereby saving time, money, and energy.

Q - 3 - What Are The Common Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has become the air for several businesses today. There are ample benefits to using technology.  Let’s check out a few.

  • AI can do predictive analysis.
  • Using AI means low error rates.
  • AI thinks logically and helps to make rational decisions.
  • It can transform almost every commercial industry.
  • The technology helps in increasing productivity by handling tasks in less time.
  • Easily detect fraud and other suspicious activities.

Q - 4 - What Languages Are Used In AI?

Python is a widely-used programming language in AI. Other popular languages are- C++, LISP, Java, and Prolog.

We hope this article helps in clearing out the role of artificial intelligence in the mobile app industry. We would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to share your thoughts!

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