24 Oct 2019

Go Eco-Friendly This Halloween Season!

Halloween season is here! Its time to bring out the scary costumes, get high on sugar and lit the night with spooky vibes. You must be looking forward to a fun-filled Halloween this year. How about doing something different this year? Let’s have an eco-friendly Halloween this time.

Wondering how?

  • Switch your old clothes into a new costume.
  • Recycle the candy wrappers and mold them in some creative stuff to enhance home decor.
  • Do you wear colorful wigs? Go for organic materials!
  • Don’t forget to give away the organic treats to your guests.

Reduce Waste and Recycle! Go Green!

Let’s make this Halloween different and do your bit to save the environment. Doing this will surely give an overwhelming feeling.

Have a frightening, spectacular, and eco-friendly Halloween!