Digital marketing has came a long way and doing magic for leading traffic to website for generating revenue streams. First survival element for a business is to generate sales leads. There are much more options available other than SEO or PPC. Find the most simple, amazing and creative ways to lead your business here!

Actionable Facebook advertisement

If you’re looking for great exposure within a budget restriction, then actionable Facebook advertisement is a thing for you. Facebook is currently having a wide number of active users which can lead your business by not just displaying your brand name in the a reason to the users to continue. It reaches the targeted audience with a call to action. Lets suppose if you see an ad for clothing website, you’ll see some attractive clothing pieces with a CTA button: “shop now” which redirects the user to homepage of your website. Facebook ads also let you customize your target audience, so you can generate leads by targeting the right people.

Twitter’s advanced search queries

Twitter can be another resource for you to generate business lead by using advanced search queries. It can actually benefit your business because it is not really popular as most business often overlooks it. Main tactic behind this is finding people interested in your brand and engaging with them. Advanced search queries just makes it that simple. There are four categories including words, people, places and dates and lets you search the most recent tweets. You can engage with them by directly replying to their tweet, favourite their tweet and follow their profile. This type of interactions have influence on your followers and ultimately increases your followers. And bonus part, it is free to use.

Direct engagement with leads

Make direct customer engagement your priority and you can use FAQs (frequently asked questions) to encourage direct engagement. Although it might not be the most preferred method as it is not satisfying always. Forums, live chats, help centres, help desks, customer service representatives are other options to encourage direct engagement. Make sure you encourage the direct engagement in most preferred option as more engaged customers results in better word-of-mouth.

Inbound and outbound marketing

As marketers prefer, outbound marketing is preferred over inbound marketing. But that doesn’t mean you’ll totally outlook inbound marketing. Try balancing both of the approaches and increase your business lead immensely. From inbound perspective, you can send customized emails for sharing informative content or respond to their queries. It will ultimately establish a healthy and stronger relationship with y6ou customer end.

Get ahead on latest trends and technologies

New technologies set trends and can help you gain competitive edge over your competitors. Take the example of smart phones, majority of users re using this device to scroll through the internet, browse websites and access their mail. You should invest in mobile marketing attempt to make maximum out of it. Basically, we’re recommending you to keep an eye over the emerging technologies and channels for generating higher business leads.

Tap into databases

There are databases available to find potential leads for your business. For example, maintains a list of companies with accurate contact information which lets you identify relevant leads in minimum possible time. It contributes in around 25% increase in business leads.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking website ans is prove to be a great platform for bringing new clients in your connections and business as well. You can also publish your content as articles to engage with your potential connection.

Question/Answer on Quora

You must be familiar with Quora which is a question and answer based platform. People question their queries and post it over Quora, regardless of the demographies. Moreover, if you want to engage more consumers, you can answer their questions or post questions and let them answer your questions. If they find your answer relevant, they will surely have a look upon your profile which is a big win-win from your business outlook.

Guest blogging

Start a guest blog to lead generation by taking care of various aspects. While blogging, consider sharing relevant information to the audience. Make sure that the blog posses unique information which creative and unique for the audience and redirect them to the appropriate page of your site. Most important thing you should consider that the platform you chose for blogging is well respected.

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