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Fix 3 Website Problems for Higher Engagement & Conversions | Softuvo

By: Diksha | October 05,2022 |

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Let’s begin with a scary fact: Most of the people visiting the website don’t come back. They bounce! In short, they take your business along with them. So, this situation begs a question: Do you check your website bounce rate? Yes, that’s super crucial to keep a regular check on your website bounce rate and how it is performing overall. As a website owner, you must find the reasons not only for what makes your visitors stick to your site but also for the reasons that make them go away.

If you are feeling dilemma about how to improve your website and boost conversions, then you need to do some hustle, my friend. While you may find much content on ways to improve your website, the real progress lies in finding the root problem for all. Thanks to tools like - Google Analytics and Heatmaps you can actually find out what's hindering your website conversions.

In this post, we will learn how to diagnose and analyze website problems and ways to fix them efficiently. Let’s read it all in the detail.

How to Diagnose Website Problems Using Heatmap

Is your website getting a low conversion rate? Well, it’s a clear-cut clue to re-examine your site. Wondering, how? We’ll show you!

Step 1: Map Your Ideal Conversion Path

It is important to understand that you cannot measure conversion by simply examining one web page. The user when visiting a website follows a journey that may or may not end at one page, so it is important to analyze all the pages. The friction that is leading to poor conversions can be at the start of the sales funnel, between, or final step. It is crucial to identify the whole buyer’s journey and identify how exactly your visitors are diverging.

Step 2: Look at The Identify Friction Points

Once you know your site goals and how you want your users to move through your site, you can then use Behavior flow to know what is going exactly. It will help you track the overall customer journey on your site. By this, you can identify the drop-off pages from the audience diverge.

Step 3: Run Heatmap To Find Root Cause

Tools like - Heatmaps can help you identify exactly where the user diverges through heatmaps and screen recordings. It will highlight all the hot and cold points where the users spend most and least time. You will also get the frequency of clear beahvior of a web page. Once you have identified the root problem using the Heatmaps, then you can deal with the problem and further enhance your conversion rates.

Problem 1: Low Clickthrough Rates on CTAs

Having a low CTR (clickthrough rate) is one of the common problems that people usually face on their websites. 

How to Identify?

You can analyze the heatmap report where you will find white or yellow on your CTA. if you see no or blue color at all, then there are few people clicking on the highlighted section. 

What’s the Fix?

The first thing, you need to think of is why you aren’t getting high CTRs. Why people aren’t clicking? For example - you might notice that there is low referral traffic but it is high for SEO traffic and email. Now, if you can’t find the root cause, then you can go through the Scrollmap report. Wondering, what’s that? Well, it's a type of website heat map that visually shows how far the user scrolls on the page and highlights the most and least viewed areas with different colors. You can also try testing changes to CTA by testing different colors, copies, designs, and placement, and then analyze how those changes affect the click behavior of the CTA.

Problem 2: Forms With Low Completion Rate 

Ever seen that your visitors begin filling out the form on your website but don’t finish submitting it? Well, that indicates the problem in the form because they were at first attracted to initiate the process but they stopped eventually.

How to Identify?

If you pay a close look at the Overlay report, you will find a + button for each form field, this is where the users click to add the information. From here, you can see the number of people who start the form and see how many complete the journey of filling the form. 

What’s the Fix?

One of the major reasons why people don’t complete filling out the form is it seeks a lot of information. Wondering, what to do? Well, you need to consider what information you need from the leads and avoid any unnecessary questioning in the form that might stand as friction between users and conversions. Alternatively, you can offer something valuable to your users. For example - on filling out a form, you might get an educational guide free or anything of that sort. Over time, you can analyze the difference made.

Problem 3: High Exit Rate

Users can leave your website at any time. The page where most users leave your site indicates a high exist page. This is where the problem is dwelling.

How to Identify?

So, what you can do is use your Google Analytics account and click Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages. Here, you will get a clear breakdown of the number of exits and time spent in total by the user on your website.

What’s the Fix?

There can be several reasons for high exit rates. One of the best ways to approach the problem of High exit rates is through Heatmaps. The heatmap report can help you show where exactly the user clicking on your site. You can also go deeper into these analyses by checking the List Report from where you can go further to where the users move after leaving the landing page. Once you know where exactly is the exit page, you can make alterations on the same to retain customers.


It’s time to improve your site intelligently by using these data-driven insights. So, hope for the best and expect a high conversion rate, and more successfully completed forms with this guide. Good luck!

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