By: Diksha | November 16,2018
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Many web technologies are emerging and ruling nowadays. The main reason behind the faster emergence of these web apps is because trends in web application development change at a faster range depending upon the expectations of the clients. It requires developers to be upfront about it by focusing on the latest trends. Some of the most exciting trends to follow in 2019 are-

Motion UI

Motion UI is trending because it keeps simplicity at bay. GLFs or flash advertisements are annoying and users are getting tired of it, therefore, web developers are going for Motion UI. it can help web developers to add a new life to your minimalistic website and can seek maximum appreciation. With Motion UI, animations will allow web developers to add unique styling and your site stand out of rest of other static websites out there! Hire a good PHP developer for a smooth web app development.

Video Content and Backgrounds

If you want to gain maximum attention of your potential prospects, try video content and backgrounds. It can help your business to represent your products more interactively and will definitely grab the attention of your targeted audience. Thus, consider it a powerful tool for increasing conversion. As a matter of fact, with video content and background, you can expect your sales to increase by 85%. Moreover, new video marketing strategies and HD videos saturating the market and gives web developers another reason for integrating video content into the website.

Single e-Commerce network

To co-operate a large number of online stores, a single e-commerce network is the latest trend in web app development. A single e-commerce store significantly increases the attractiveness of online stores as well as e-commerce industry. With such greater features and benefits, a large number of e-commerce brands are going to connect to a single e-commerce network. Hence, reducing the hassle for the users as well.

Single Page Websites

Long lost are the trends where the websites were neatly organized by linking several web pages. Now, users are more into single page website, which is typically a long scrollable page. That single page provides full information about the respective site to the users and eliminates the need of moving from one page to another. They are best suitable for informative sites or mobile website but can be a bad choice for e-commerce websites. This trend is appreciated for its user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are similar to native mobile apps as they work offline. They are all set to be the biggest competitor f native mobile apps in the following years. For starters, they load instantly, they have the ability to work even without an active network connection. With PWAs, you can expect great user engagements and conversions on all platforms.

If you want to develop a smooth web application for your business, just drop us a message here. Our experts will have further discussion with you to understand your requirements in order to provide you with the best suitable web app for your business type.



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