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Exceptional Tools for Exceptional Productivity

By: Diksha | October 01,2018 |

4 min read

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Business enterprises are always keen to make the best out of what they have and this obsession is getting even stronger. Entrepreneurs are trying everything including 6 am meditation to reading hundreds of books to trying make through it. Improving the performance can have massive impact over the organization. Let me make you aware about some exceptional tool which can have severe impact over your productivity.

  1. Automation

Sometimes, when you’re running a small business, it can feel like you have a lot on your plate. There is always so much to do with very few people and resources. But every single time you avoid writing same email, or manually completing same task, there you save some of your little time and information as well. Creativity requires time and space to grow and implementing automation can offer what you need. It doesn’t only save your time and money but also offers you room for grow your creativity. Automation can handle cash flow inconsistency, can eliminate the hassle of sorting through hundreds of emails every week.

  1. Conditional Logic

Remembers if-else conditions from computer classes. We got deeper into that but it becomes complex for us when there are a lot of variables to take care of. This head scratching complexity often triggers down the sales staff. Then let me aware you what can we do about this particular situation right here! We can have a web form that supports conditional logic to solve this problem. It keeps the variable sorted and updates the team about the information they need and customers appreciate the streamlined information.

  1. Customization

When you have a small business, it can be difficult to represent a consistent and recognizable image of the company. When customer interacts with your company, they sure consider every single touch-point. You might think it as only marketing trick but there is more to that, which is building trust. No customer would want to think that their financial information is at risk just because they are doing business with you. To solve this issue, you can use “white label” functionality which represent a unified brand experience to customers by removing the logos from the forms. Also, it’s the quickest customization process which is capable of cloning the previous version and adapt it newer events.

  1. Payment Integration

Let me remind you about the most time-consuming process, and that is payments. You know it involve multiple procedures including requesting, receiving and distributing payments. And besides there are numerous online systems available for making payments but there can be less sophisticated clients who don’t digital payment system for making financial transaction. Let me propose you a solution to this issue, i.e. integrating payment module. A simply designed payment integration system will make your customer happier and your firm is playing productive in the meanwhile.

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