To work with CMS, you need to understand the purpose of CMS. When you think about building up a website, you directly jump to its visual looks and totally overlook the manner it will work. While, it is nitty-gritty of how it will work and your website will be managed. Website is the centrepiece of you internet marketing strategy, whereas CMS is the heart of your website. Take time to think and understand about this system as you’re making investment in a software which will ultimately drive your website and business as well.

What is CMS?

Content management system (CMS) is the heart of your website which enables you to have control over your web manages the content in various forms including text, adding pages, uploading images or videos, adding whole section of menu etc. It can also manage web changes without having to know-how about technical like HTML or CSS and makes it quicker and easier to manage.

Importance of CMS

Having a CMS is essential to manage web content as it is helpful in keeping content fresh and up-to-date. You’re recommended to select a CMS which is easy to learn and simple to use. It is useful for SEO optimization, driving traffic to website and get insight of the website. It saves your time, money and efforts as well by keeping the content fresh and updated. Whereas, anything which is complex to understand and difficult to use will only waste your time and will leave the site to stagnate. It eliminates the need to know the HTML technicalities and enables you to update your website on your own terms.

Features of CMS

  1. Simple: Using CMS is just as simple as writing a simple document file in MS Word. If you know how to make a simple document file the you can use this system to update your content, write articles, blogs, news and emails. You can create content in advance and set automatic times for the content to publish live.
  2. Member management: It eliminates the need of third party and enable you to update your website on your own terms. It will enable you with the ability to make your website more to the time and ultimately increase your visitors.
  3. E-commerce: It comes with What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) policy which means it is easier to create web pages, news articles, posts and blogs without needing you to know about HTML and other technicalities.
  4. SEO optimization: Best thing about it is that it enables you with effective SEO optimization. It includes various tools for email marketing, blogging, social media marketing and SEO. You can use CMS to create registration forms, store member information and collect fees and donations. Best CMS will include everything you need to implement an integrative online strategy.
  5. Plugins: It also include plugins for e-commerce websites for accommodating efficient features for online selling organizations. Which could be calenders, SEO, calculators or other functionality plugings are also there.
  6. Database management: If you require database hosting other than SQL database, there comes CMS in picture. Several open source CMS including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc are available.

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