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Ensure Success with E-commerce Website Development

By: Diksha | September 13,2018 |

4 min read

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With the immense competition, developing and deploying eCommerce website can be a bit crucial. Developing any company website is easy but understanding the requirements and ty to fit all the requirements can be a bit difficult. There are various aspects associated with it which are often overlooked by the developers. Here are some of the aspects which must be considered by the eCommerce developers throughout the development phase.

  1. Optimization of website

Developers usually focus on decorating the website with all the exciting pictures and multimedia objects and tend to forget about optimization of the website. In fact, a survey reported that about 45% of users tend to refuse to proceed if the website is slow or tends to crash. Basically, a slow site tends to lose users even before they try and take a look at the products. The website you’re developing should not take more than 3 seconds to load and you make it run as fast as possible.

  1. Easy Site searching

On an eCommerce website, which is bound to have thousands of products, there should be feature of easy site search. User must be capable of locating the product they are looking for. There should be appropriate web filters to ensure effective and accurate search facilities. Besides, you should also utilize features like autocomplete to enable users find popular buying items based on their searches. In the process of web design and development, faceted search is very important as it assists users find products. This feature allows them to narrow down their search based on size, category, price and other options. Providing such functionality offers users more power to discover what they require.

  1. Security Parameters

With options like online payment and net banking there should be sufficient security parameters implied over the eCommerce website. All eCommerce website developers must consider catering encrypting the data. Moreover, apart from payment option, user also give their personal details like name, address, contact number etc which should be secured at any cost. So it is a good idea to implement SSL to win customers trust. Besides, security is also needed to meet PCI compliance for any kind of business that accepts credit card payments.

  1. Guest Checkouts

eCommerce companies are so keen on collecting profiles in their database that they literally force their users to sign up over their website. But the fact that it can make them lose users are often overlooked by them. You should consider letting guest checkout so ask them to sing up after their first purchase, if they are happy with your service. It is important to track customers’ demographic information to discover and analyze sales. However, not everybody would be willing to create an account to buy a product.


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