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Emerging Technologies Disrupting Business

By: Diksha | July 31,2018 |

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Technology is witnessed to from on a rapid pace in recent years and it will continue to grow. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, there are dozens of emerging technologies making their way towards successful future. In 2018, disruptive technologies like cloud computing, Big data analytic, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc are maturing and going to be the game-changing ideas to foundational tools for business. Lets find out some of the disruptive technologies turning the business upside down.

Health and Smart Telehealth tech

Amazon recently announced a smart healthcare technology as “simplified, high-quality and transparent healthcare at a reasonable cost.” They joint a venture with a focus on delivering smart healthcare system to the patients and their family for making the healthcare sector better. It will mainly include IoT technology with connected monitoring system to monitor the patients even in remote areas. Chronically ill patients can be monitored 24x7 by healthcare experts even when they’re not around. Data regarding them will be collected and used for research and analysis, so develop new medication. Tech market reports that business will widely adopt 18 million wearables incorporated into corporate wellness programs.

IoT and smart offices

With the emergence of IoT, it is determined that IoT devices are helping to reduce the costs and improving the technologies. Organizations are now capable of attaining many benefits from adding connectivity and intelligence to their physical infrastructure. They are increasing their productivity and enhancing the work culture by automating the annoying and time-consuming work such as copying and printing document. Smart offices and factories are equipping their infrastructure with sensors and other smart devices. Equipping such devices are proved to be result in reduction in process waste, energy consumption in waste and equipment downtime.

Voice controls and voice assistants

In early days, it was just about digging the depth of technology but now voice-activated assistants have begun permeating the business setting. With the discovery of Alexa by Amazon, rise in demand of voice activated assistants has been observed. To power today’s evolving business setting, we need to propel these businesses with trainable digital assistant technologies that are smart, predictive, have the capability to learn, and can quickly adapt to the new and changing environment.

3D Printing and Smart manufacturing

With the emergence in IoT, automation and 3d printing technology, manufacturing is also improving. In early days, it was considered as a dangerous job but with automation and robotics, this sectors has turned upside down. Various organizations are taking advantage of robotics, automation and 3D printing to improve their manufacturing, productivity and reduce wastage. Technology-driven manufacturing, lean manufacturing innovation is greater than the sum of its parts for players in industrial end markets, which are generally large, with a set of well-understood needs and slim margin.

Video conferencing and VR

Investment in video is increasing as employees determine that videos make a great impact over their employees. It is determined that investing in video will lead to tremendous innovation and will improve collaboration as well. Dery predicts that video tech will continue to simulate and improve face-to-face communication with new features, like virtual reality (VR) and other immersive tech (see below), especially as organizations work to fill the skills gap with distributed teams.  

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