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DevOps in Mobile App Development: Is It Worth A Try?

By: Diksha | January 28,2022 |

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We all are living in a high-paced mobile age! The demand for smartphone users has increased exponentially in the past few years. As a result, businesses are now looking for solutions and are looking for ways to create mobile apps that not only power their products or services but also help in enhancing the overall user experience. The whole idea needs some out-of-the-box solution.

Fortunately, we have technologies like - DevOps that are creating a buzzword in the mobile app development world. If you are in this industry, then you must know by now about the miracles of DevOps in the web world. But, do you know about the magic of DevOps in the mobile world? The role of DevOps in the mobile world is quite crucial and quite rewarding. Curious to know about Mobile DevOps magic? We’ll help!

In this post, we’ll be talking about the benefits of DevOps in mobile app developments. Let’s discuss this in details.

Benefits Of DevOps In Mobile App Development

Quick Release Time

The best part of using DevOps in the mobile app development process is that it boosts the collaboration among the team and different teams, thus keeping the whole process of communication quite transparent. This means a clear and fast exchange of information, thereby ensuring faster release time.

Continuous Monitoring and Testing

We have to agree that there are so many OS versions, and it is practically not easy to do manual testing of all the versions. There are many OS versions, so it is impossible to do manual testing for all versions. However, the majority of mobile app testing is done manually on the simulators instead of the actual devices. The problem usually faced during manual testing is that the app performs well during the testing but it fails to perform well in the live environment. The reasons for failure are usually network issues, memory errors, and more. So, to continuously monitor the crash reports, third-party SDKs for logs, and so on to find the base of failure and the problem. And, trust me, DevOps does that seamlessly!

Seamless Quality Control

Another great benefit of DevOps is that it helps in maintaining the quality of the software development process. Yes, that’s true! It helps to look through every part of the code from the start to delivery. Not just that, DevOps also helps in resolving the bugs and creating future modifications and enhancements that help in ensuring smooth app performance. Overall, it helps in providing effective collaboration, quality software development, and valuable monitoring while achieving the overall success of the app.

Advanced Apps

DevOps helps in creating apps that enhance the user experience. And, we all know that creating a seamless user experience works like magic for the success of the mobile app. Mobile DevOps helps in regression testing, instant feedback and reporting, faster fixes, providing a transparent development process, and optimizing the user experience. 

Stables the Work Environment

Adding new and exciting features is tricky and requires uncompromised focus. This raising tension while creating the app directly impacts the workspace stability, which further leads to poor productivity. DevOps is known for better handling of new features owing to higher transparency and good documentation. Thus, the whole mobile app development process gets more stabilized and steadier with DevOps.

3 Steps To Consider Before DevOps Implementation

Evaluate Project Needs

Before you make the final call, make sure you analyze the fundamental reasons why you are shifting from the classical model to DevOps. You must have some clear goals and objectives in mind before leveraging the benefits of DevOps.

Consider The Current Scenario

It is really important to analyze the time taken for the DevOps implementation and then also analyze the time taken in different mobile app development processes like - Testing, coding, and more. Make sure you make the comparison of the current scenario with the DevOps, so you can measure the success.

Plan Budget

Last but not the least, make sure you create a rough estimate of the costs involved in new frameworks and tools that are required for DevOps implementation. The hard reality is that when you dive into new technologies, funds can always be the area of concern. So, you must have enough budget for this technology shift to avoid any financial burden or glitches over the enterprise.

Once you have a good idea of these things, you can then surely proceed with the implementation of DevOps in the app development process. 

Final Takeaway

Considering the amazing benefits of DevOps in the mobile app development process, it can surely be concluded that DevOps is a powerful technology. So if you are planning to build futuristic and high-performance applications, then DevOps solutions can help in creating some amazing masterpieces.

Need some tech help in creating robust mobile apps using DevOps technology? Our bonafide team of professionals can help you with the same. Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.

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