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Custom Mobile Application Development Trends

By: Diksha | September 16,2018 |

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Custom mobile application is gaining huge momentum with it’s ability to make the business routine smoother and less time consuming. As the report suggests, about 7.5 hours are saved by an employees on an average week by utilizing customized mobile applications. They can be partially or fully personalized, depending upon the core requirements of the business and employees as well. These applications are modified accordingly to address a group of specified audience with similar requirements and work agenda. It can be the most attractive option for business and is the main reason behind gaining traction. Apart from smoothing out the business operations, it has endless benefits as mentioned below-

  1. Secure App Data.

General application might not have the specific security features which can  put your data and ultimately your business on security risk. Whereas, building custom apps are built specifically to meet the specific requirements of your business including the security to your app data. It can be said that it has the potential to keep your business data secure.

  1. Improved Efficiency.

While developing a custom mobile app, sole purpose is to keep the core requirements of your business in your mind and build the application accordingly. Also, custom application is like a comprehensive app performing the diverse operations to negate the requirements of a specific business. They’re tailored to enhance your efficiency by cutting the overhead of time consuming work and offering flexibility to operate from mobile devices.

  1. Collaboration with existing software.

Generic business applications might not be able to function smooth with your existing system resources. But while building custom software, existing systems are kept in mind and are developed with efficient compatibility between the new application and the existing one.

  1. Scalability opportunities.

General applications are usually developed to handle the increasing users or load of the application but eventually they will also fall short on fulfilling the requirements. Custom apps are made to handle the increase in users fro time to time. They have the ability to scale their features accordingly which make them even suitable.

  1. Easy maintenance

Suppose you’re using a generic app distributed by some third party and your whole business operations depend upon the generic app. What if they decide to discontinue the app? What will you do? It’s better to go for a custom application with full ownership to prevent such issues completely.

Latest Custom Mobile Application Trends

Ever heard of BYOD (Bring your own device) policy which allows IT professionals to  make use of their personal devices for their professional jobs. It cuts down the costs and also increases the efficiency of the employees. Build your own app (BYOA) is the extension to the BYOD policy. While BYOA gives employees the freedom to use better apps for the job, it can be perceived as a major security threat. Moreover, employees will use mobile or cloud apps without any kind of control over how their data is stored, accessed and used. Nonetheless, to avoid such issues, custom mobile application development can be considered. Some of the most trending types of custom applications are:

Responsive Designs:

They are highly attractive and flexible type of applications suitable for various devices with different screen sizes. It is the latest trend and very much appreciated by the app users and experts as well.

Social media integration:

Basically offers easy integration with various social media platforms for better engagement. It is a must for most of the app these days.

Wearable Technology:

With the spreading roots of technology in field of healthcare, it is becoming very popular. It is fast catching up with the increased awareness for health and fitness issues nowadays

Cloud based apps:

They are the most preferred application trending now due to the wide range of features and capabilities it offers. With this application, there is no or very less need of storing data over the local storage of phone.

NFC (near field communication) app:

It enable users with easy and cashless payments. They can make online payments over eCommerce websites with mobile app payment apps.

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