19 Oct 2018

Contribution of VR in Health Sector

When we think about virtual realities, we limit our imagination to gaming experiences or immersive entertainment. But it is way beyond IT only. It is spreading its roots in field of advertising, marketing, accounts, healthcare, academics, laws etc. With its extended reality (xR) technology, it is poised to have a profound impact across an array of industries.

Mental Healthcare

 With the continued rise in the number of mental illness patients, need of stable and risk-free treatment is also increasing. Health professionals use VR to treat their patients experiencing phobias and health disorders like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). VR has the capability to characterize the severity and recognise the trigger to such events. Appropriately regulated exposure triggers a manageable response without challenging the patient enough to cause adverse effects. The patient can then learn to become more accustomed to the sensations and practice cognitive-behavioral techniques that will help them manage deleterious responses.They understand the triggers and respond accordingly.

Comfort of Patients

Most appreciated thing about VR is that it offers comfort to the patient during health care process. Currently, millions of patients suffer from chronic and acute pain on daily basis which makes it extremely impatient and challenging for the patients to manage painful episodes. Health professionals run test on VR technology to test its capability in management of pain. Health professionals also use VR to treat the patients along with infamous phenomenon of phantom limb pain, in which patient’s brain experiences pain or discomfort in a limb that has been amputated. VR is so promising for this complication because interactive virtual experiences that incorporate the latest in haptics technology only help to solidify the illusion and help to reduce patient discomfort.Moreover, xR technologies are becoming more promising in offering prevalent tool to improve comfort of patients by reducing anxiety level.

These improvements represents that technology can make a significant impact in world. Who knows they can actually make a difference. We can hope for it only.