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Your Content Audit Guide For 2017 Is Here!

By: Diksha | May 15,2017 |

4 min read

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Content audit? What’s that? If you are seeking a content audit for SEO purpose, then I must tell you that it includes a full inventory of all index-able content on a domain. The content is examined with the help of different performance metrics to find out which content we can carry as-it-is, which needs rectifications and which should be removed from the website. Is Content Audit Required? A content audit performed in the right manner has different purposes and desired results. Most of the time, a content audit is performed to determine the following mentioned things:

  • How to avoid a content-related search engine ranking filter or penalty.
  • Content that needs improvement in terms of quality.
  • To avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Content that needs to be updated.
  • Unwanted content.
  • Content gap opportunities.
  • Content, ranking, and keywords.
  • Potential content marketing opportunities.
How A Content Audit Is Carried Out? If a content audit isn’t performed well, things can go awfully wrong.The most common example is confusing removal from search engine indexes with removal from the web page. Performing a content audit for SEO on your website does not have to be hard. It isn’t easy to perform but must be carried out properly so that the website and its content can receive the attention that is deserves. Whether you agree or not, there are many renowned entrepreneurs out there who agree that content rules are must when it comes to website success. Content audit is one of the most important things to do correctly. All it takes is going through the content present on your website and then determine its relevance and success. Just gather data about the content you have on your website and analyze it to find out which content should be updated, what should be built on, promoted again, or which content should be deleted permanently. Even with all of this information so prevalent, many websites continue to ignore content audits because they consider it quite boring and time consuming. But, you can’t sideline the huge benefits that content audit has, including:
  • During a content audit you will look at the analytics, which will help you better understand your website.
  • You will come across the trends that will help your website in achieving success in the coming time.
  • Content audit motivates you to create a content strategy if you don’t possess one.
  • Even if SEO audit is a regular practice for you, every fresh audit will give you a fresh look at your content, giving you a chance to figure out if you need to alter responsibilities related to content for better results or not.
Point To Remember A content audit isn’t just limited to going through your website and the content on the blog. You might have content on these places, but the audit means that all content present on every page, be it contact page, home page, etc. is unique.

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