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Common Website Mistakes Developers Should Not Overlook

By: Diksha | May 02,2019 |

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It is pretty common that a website doesn’t give the expected result. You might have some proper strategies to attract more users to your website but due to some mere website mistakes made by developers can make it difficult to follow. Here are some common website mistakes often overlooked by the website developers. Avoid making it and make the website more effective.

Lack Of Proper CTA (Call to Action)

Motivate your potential prospect to take meaningful steps towards becoming your business clients. If you are just listing out the services you offer but not telling them how they can content you regarding the service they want to seek from you, then there is no point of having a website at all. Call to action directly impacts the sales boost. It is the ultimate key to the success of digital advertising. Call to action buttons can increase the sales by 20% as it helps to draw the attention of the customers towards real procedure involved with services they require. So do remember to add “join now”, “sign up” or “see more” buttons on your website. Not having CTA is one of the most frequently reported website mistakes. 

No Proper Content Distribution

Another mistake which is committed frequently is the duplicity in the content, which leads to the ultimate failure of the websites. For once, you lose the ranking on the website with the duplicate content. Moreover, search engines prefer unique and authentic content and if you have duplicate content on your site, you are not likely to appear on the first page of search results.

Missing Client Reviews and Testimonials

experience-3239623_960_720 Gain the trust of your clients and run a successful business. In order to prove that your services are genuine and satisfactory, allow your customers to put reviews and testimonials on the websites and display the testimonials on the website for your potential prospects. Studies suggest that having testimonials or reviews displayed on the website can increase the conversion likelihood by 58% and also increases site revenue by 62%.

Missing Pricing Sections

People want to know the estimation of the budget for the services they want to acquire. Not getting the rate card can frustrate them. Or worse they will leave your site and go looking for the services somewhere else. So, display pricing as it can help you qualify the leads, save the time of the sales team and makes your business more trustworthy.

Use Of Technical Jargon

Being overenthusiastic in displaying the technical language will lead your business nowhere. If your clients were so technical, they wouldn’t need your help! Instead, use the simple language, or better, display the demo products or services for better client acceptance.

Lack of Onsite SEO

seo Another mistake often made by the website developers is lack of Onsite SEO. it is mostly concerned with the optimization of website pages, content, meta tags, and titles. Thus, optimizing the onsite SEO for creating a positive influence on your inbound links. Also, linking it with external websites can really boost your business.  

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