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04 Jul 2019

Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business Growth

The world of digital marketing is growing rapidly. Considering the figures, most digital marketers spend nearly around 20% of their budget on digital marketing. Do you think a piece of self-serving content or Google AdWords campaign attract the customers you are engaging with? Probably not! To get the effective results of the digital marketing strategies, you first need to understand that who your audience is what attracts them the most.

In this article, we will discuss the common digital marketing mistakes, and discuss the effective ways to eliminate them.

Mistake 1: pushing, not pulling

You need to stop pushing the product and begin pulling the customers.

One needs to understand that good marketing is not just about plugging your product. You must consider what the audience wants. When you will understand the crux, then only you can get significant returns in the business. Ask yourself, why would they buy the product or service, when you haven’t addressed their concerns and wants?

Once you understand what the customer loves, then you need to start making things more interesting. Every business needs to understand that they need to stop pushing the product and start pulling the customers.

What’s the solution?

You need to embrace inbound content marketing and try to offer much insight and value to the customers. More than 90% of the companies are using inbound marketing to increase the lead generation. You have to become the go-to source of the niche and try to share every ounce of the knowledge with the target audience.

Mistake 2: When you base the buyer’s persona on your own aspirations.

No doubt, that creating the buyer’s persona plays a big role in inbound marketing, but there are many marketers that get it wrong. Wondering, how? Well, your audience is not the face in the mirror, they are the real-life purchasers of your products. So, if you want to establish a strong foundation for future projects, then the trick is to consider the buyer’s persona of your current customers. This will help you get better feedback and further help you in your future projects.

What’s the solution?

To make a strong digital marketing impression, you need to find out how exactly is the audience spending their money. Also, try to know what they are searching for more. Are you a newbie in the competition? If yes, then you can watch out your competitors, or you can also conduct a survey. Considering the persona’s will help you understand the type of content you should write and who all to reach out.



Mistake 3: Spending less time on personalization

Are your press releases clogging up on social media feeds? Is your email inboxes overflowing with the unopened sales pitch? What is common in both these cases? Well, in both these cases, the needs of the customers are getting ignored. Without proper personalization, you are just another salesperson for the customer who is hiding behind the corporate mask.

What’s the solution?

Well, the genuine personalization should not frit away your monthly budget. For example – even the smallest touches, like the personalized salutation at the beginning of an email can make a difference. You can actually go the extra mile to show your audiences how much care.

Businesses need to understand that marketing automation is no longer the work of science-fiction. Now, you can easily personalize the email or can also recommend the product with an easy workflow. To keep the customers engaging, you can make the online atmosphere more familiar. This will help them feel connected and further increase your business growth.

Mistake 4: Writing the content that does not convert

The lead conversions are just like the lifeblood of marketing. Your content has to appeal to the customers, if it doesn’t inspire the reader and persuade them to buy, then it’s a big failure for your business. Well-Written and attractive content is useful and can help to serve the purpose effectively. Now, if the content is not converting the readers to the buyers, then it is mainly because of the following reasons.

  • You have not considered consumer objections.
  • You focus more on the product features, and not its benefits.
  • You are not linking the product to the relevant offer.
  • You are rushing to sell.

The content you post should not only be customer-centric but also connected with the right customer at the right time.

What’s the solution?

When writing the content, you need to keep the audience in mind. It will help you remember for whom your offer is what type of value you will get from the content.

For example – if you are writing content on the web development services, then don’t bombard it with the offers from a completely different topic. To make your content more appealing, you can subject the content with the introductory blog and then point them towards the white paper that will further explain the service/process in detail.

Remember, great content is just like a great cup of coffee – when you reach towards the end, then you are satisfied, ward, and eager for more.

Mistake 5: Failing to track the marketing ROI

Well,  marketing ROI means that there are different things for different people. While there are some people who base the marketing success on their annual budgetary expenditure, others will base this on the short-term sales targets. However, what needs to be done is to track and analyze each and every component of the marketing campaign from the start to the finish. The marketing should be revenue-generating exercise and then the cost center.

What’s the solution?

The best way to track everything is to use tracking tools like- Google Analytics and HubSpot. In this way, you can log the keyword searches, lead generations, form conversions, and more. This will help you analyze which areas you want to improve and also help you set smart future goals. From there, you can work on the monetary cost of exercise such as – digital PR, content creation, and email marketing.

Remember, you cannot fix things when you don’t know how it is broken. But, these tools will help you track things and help you know your loopholes. Thus, helping you set the right business goals.

Mistake 6: Forgetting to promote the content

So, you have high-quality content, but you are not doing proper content promotion? Well, the businesses need to understand that simply having content will not help, you need to do proper promotion. Do you also get fewer shares and views on your content? Well, this can be mainly because of these reasons:

  • Lack of promotion and amplification
  • Poor understanding and research
  • Lack of trend awareness

Always keep in mind, that its never like that people will stop your content and they will share it instantly. As a digital marketer, it is your job to jump up and down the wave to understand where the world can see.

What’s the solution?

Above everything, you need to be an active social media evangelist. Make sure you share the content on all the networks. Doing this will increase the probability that the users are more likely to read and share your content.

To make your business success, plan out a comprehensive marketing strategy. Try to execute it and help your business reach great heights.