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Choosing An Innovative Business Name

By: Diksha | October 21,2018 |

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A business name is not just about renaming company, rather a much bigger deal. It’s permanent and so far is the hardest task for startups when it comes to branding. It is natural for the entrepreneurs to fret over packaging and a host of other details as they get started. Naming a business or company is always high stakes. It represents emotions and intentions as well. When it comes to brainstorm the name for a business, you must start with quantity over quality. Once you’ve got handful of contenders, you can decide on the quality. Some of the tips for you to choose an innovative yet appropriate business are as given-

  1. Gather up right material and people

If you’ve decided upon having a brainstorming session, make sure the involved people are suitable for the task. They must have all the involved material for the ask. Innovative people have innovative style of thinking. Some come-up with while listening to music, some while solving the rubic’s cube. You can also ask for the professional help. Invite copywriters or people working for you, you think are creative and good with language. Keep the basic supplements like blank papers, pens, sketches and other stationary for everyone involves.

  1. Start Generating

Put a blank paper in front of everyone and ask them to come up with at least 10 names within next 10 minutes. The time is really short to come up with 10 names. It is intentional as it eliminates the people to bogged up to come up with the perfect name. They won’t have time to overthink or to be self conscious. Next, pass the sheet to the person sitting on your left and ask each person to come up with 5 more names. Each person will concrete stimuli for inspiration and allows them to expand creatively on the thinking of their neighbour.

  1. Share and build

Papers will be passed amongst you and all others involved. Some of would be terrible and others will be pure gems. Ask every one to round their favorites. Next, have a voting session to choose the best amongst them. Now, have the week to yourself to sort out through three favorites. Remember there is no such thing as perfect name but try ending up with a name which sounds solid when you read it aloud. The name itself should be capable of conveying the message you want to give to your end-consumers.

Good luck to you to pick a great business name!

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