By: Diksha | October 12,2018
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Mobile technologies are growing on a remarkable pace and is getting ready for the fast-paced future. Mobile users can experience various emerging technologies with mobile applications. Chatbots and AI are such trending technologies, gaining immense popularity amongst tech-savvy users. With such technologies users can experience chatbots in major chat applications including Facebook messenger, Slack, iMessage, Telegram etc.

Reasons for using Chatbots and AI in Mobile Apps-

  1. Major reason is that it makes the interaction more lively and engaging for the users. A chatbot will never get tired or bored of the conversation but will sure learn about taste and preferences of the users.
  2. They don’t require you to download additional applications for a task. For instance, ask Google Assistant or siri, they will tell you everything.
  3. Chatbots act like your friends who always want to know more about your taste and preferences and keep recommending you the services/product they think you will need or like. They will customize the chatting or recommendations according to your preferences and makes everything so personal.
  4. Mobile app developers are recognising the benefits of chatbots and AI which suggests seamless deployment of chatbots for chatting and other tasks for fast-paced market.

Industries which prefers AI and Chatbots most-

  1. Healthcare: Chronically ill patients need constant care and Chatbots and AI comes in picture here. Technologies make it easy for the healthcare providers to enhance their services.  With the tight schedules and expensive services but it becomes costly for the patients to visit the doctor but chatbots can help patients to diagnose their disease.
  2. News and Publications: News and publication industry is taking the complete advantage of Chatbots and AI. They have bots to produce news for them. They offer personalized feed to their users using this technologies to make their experience better.
  3. E-commerce and Customer Service: eCommerce is the main industry making most out of Chatbots and AI. Moreover, they help users to select product they want by recommending the ones matching their taste and preferences. They interact with users regarding product details or any processing issue faced by users. Nonetheless, they're replacing the boring user experience with personally interactive user experience.


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