Almost every industry or IT firm is deploying chatbots to bring unprecedented operational efficiency powered by artificial intelligence. Several IT firms are deploying texting efficiencies to enable faster purchases and other CTAs (call to actions). They are said to be a driving paradigm shift towards how information about services and products would be served, delivered and consumed. You should be aware about the what platform to choose to reach your targeted consumers while planning chatbot design.

  1. Google Assitant/Cortane/Amazon Echo: Best suitable for audience for voice-enabled services.
  2. Slack: Considered a best suite for startups and developers
  3. Facebook Messenger/kiko/telegram/line: Best suitable for serving large audience.

Although it might sound like a new term but it’s been in existence for quite a long time. But, currently they are making it in the mainstream. Chatbots are used extensively by companies as they are expected to perform under circumstances like unexpected scenarios, tricky questions, interruptions and other situations. Hence, it is necessary to design and develop conversational chatbot using the best practices. Some of the Chatbot designing practices are discussed below-

Keep it simple

Just keep in mind that you’re designing and deploying chatbots for the ease of your end-users. Which means chatbot design should be simple and hassle free. Keep a significant distance from complexity by reducing the interaction to a simple chat UI. Completing an action through chatbot require input from the user such as tapping over a certain menu option on the website or application. It is important to understand the technology stack first before moving to the designing part. And the most important thing to consider is to design the most efficient yet simple working chat UI for the end user.

Conversation flow selection

Chatbot  are deployed to tackle different situations which makes selection of conversation to make it look natural and seamless as most challenging part of designing. Moreover, human interaction is comparatively short.

Optimized according to End-user

While designing bots, it must be considered that they don’t revolve around making jobs easy for the customer support but rather to elevate end user experience. Bots are not designed to replace human but rather to offer rich user experience to the customer end.

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