01 May 2020

International Labour Day – Thanking Frontline Workers Fighting Covid-19

Every year May 1 is celebrated as an International Labour Day to commemorate the contribution of the historic labour movement and the contribution of workers. This year we thank all the frontline workers including the doctors and healthcare workers, police, and essential service providers. The Coron...
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22 Oct 2019

6 Ways To Target Mobile Users With Push Notifications

Smartphones have now become an effective medium to target audiences globally. With the increasing mobile engagement of users across the world, interacting with your audience using mobile devices has become the need of the hour. Today customers are using to browse your website, read messages, interac...
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28 Aug 2019

Skyrocket Your Business Sales With The Right Digital Marketing Strategies

The competition is tough out there, and making your business stand out can be challenging. Thankfully, powerful digital marketing techniques can make you win the competition. While some companies hit the bullseye with their effective digital marketing strategies, others might not even come close. Do...
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31 May 2019

Voice Search Optimization – How It Will Dominate The SEO Game?

We all know how SEO works and how it affects our brands. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of changes in search engine algorithms.  Google keeps on coming with updates and enhances the search results. Voice search is the biggest trend to year and is immensely affecting the SEO game....
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11 Mar 2019

5 Ways Blockchain Is Transforming Digital Marketing And Advertising

Introduction Blockchain needs no introduction! The technology is all set to transform the world of digital marketing and advertising. In this digital world, the adoption of blockchain technology can make a lot of difference to your business. Online purchases and trade securities are at alarming risk...
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social media trends
27 Feb 2019

Top 8 Social Media Trends To Put In Practice In 2019

Social media is growing rapidly, and every year there are new social media trends. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a solid strategy when it comes to social media. Simply putting a business profile to people is of no use, until or unless you make effective use of each. So, if you are looking [&h...
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