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How Can You Improve UX Strategy

By: Diksha | August 23,2018 |

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UX mistakes are often overlooked by the experts but it play a major role in the promotion of a website. It is a fact that users judge things based on looks. If you website is not attractive and useful at the same time, then it is useless. There must be a reason why we go back to the same tailor or barber or restaurant. The reason is that these businesses have created a positive experience and compelled us to go back to them. If you have an e-commerce website, then your website is just as important as the quality of the products. ease of use and easy navigation of website will help you attract more customers. Whereas, complexity within websites repels user.  Here you will learn about some amazing tips to improve UX strategy for your website.

  1. Quality visual design

Visual design is basically use of imagery, shapes, typography, colour and form to enhance usability and user experience as well. Designers are still divisive when it comes to UX. While some see it as a final piece of prettiness and simply a cover over the rest of the UI, visual design plays a crucial role in a great design. It is the means of communication of information, through organization, color, size and other smaller details to create a cohesive impression on the user.

Quality visual design can add value to your website in following manner:

  • Provides consistency in design language
  • User starts expect more for product’s ease of use.
  • Contributes in establishing first impression and engagement of product within users.
  • Contribution is brand recognition and essence
  • Enhances ultimate value of overall product and will improve UX strategy as well

Designer often overlooks, but first impression always counts. Among a landscape of millions of similar products, something as small as a great application icon or distinctive style can and will make a difference. While good visual design may be dismissed as the final superfluous polish on a completed design, it needs to be taken in the consideration to be properly invested in rather than put aside.

  1. Standardized UI patterns followed

Although, you might think that uniqueness is the key but that doesn’t you’ll create a whole new procedure. Users seem to adapt a product if they are already familiar to. There’s the perk of using standardized UI pattern which will make user feel comfortable and also offers ease of use to users. It applies to both navigational UI and placement UI as well. While designing, do consider what makes sense and use patterns accordingly. Also, while designing in the realm of mobile UX, you should avoid replication of pattern from different platforms. There are set of distinct conventions available for different platform and mixing them would only cause chaos. Whereas, keeping standardized UI patterns will ultimately improve UX strategy.

  1. Forgiving UI

There are forms and other pages which demands user input. If the design is forgiving and allows user to reset the mistake they made, then it is a good design. In case the design doesn’t allow reset, then at least it should guard user with confirmation/summary of their choice. Design should have a recoverable option which lets the undo the mistake. Or design can avail preview mode, allowing user to see result of the action before choosing it.

  1. Avoid Clutter

Content matter just as the much as the representation of the content. If you’re failing a representing the content in organized manner, then you’re failing at designing. Information must be represented in the right amount, so that the user is able to understand it. Clutter exists in the form of wordiness, lack of white space, too many elements, unnecessary animation, lack of contrast or organization and more. Reduce such visual or interaction clutter for a better design and improve UX strategy.

  1. Try keeping it simple

Simplicity is the key to form balance between what is functional and what can be understood. No matter how clever and unique the design is, it is not useful to the users if they can’t understand it. Simplicity is a good rule of thumb for designs as something that is easily understood is also generally easily used. Designers must avoid unnecessary complexity and rather focus on delivering a simple and understood design. However, it should not cost lack of functionality.

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