16 Oct 2018

Blog Outsourcing: Secret Ingredient For Content Marketing

Content marketing is the new weapon to strong-arm your marketing strategy and blog outsourcing. It has its pros and cons as well. Content marketing is sure ubiquitous but implementing it while keeping u with the demands of competitive publishing schedule is hectic. With the limited resources it can be difficult to gain competitive edge. Nearly half of B2B marketers outsource blog writing and with the right strategy, it can actually take your content marketing to next level.

Why invest in content marketing?

A study reports that companies that invest in business blog can see better marketing resulting than those who don’t bother investing in it. More indexed pages means more content for Google to crawl. With the advanced qualities of search engine optimization, with SEO, organizations can have visible presence and result pages are likely to increase organic traffic and generate more new leads.

Outsourcing will let you focus on the core business

Content creation is helpful for you whether you’re a marketing strategist, webmaster or business owner. But unfortunately, it just adds too much to your plate and you might want to focus on your core business. Content creation is an extensive procedure which involves ideation, writing and post production. Content must resonate with your audience and gets them to convert needs to be high caliber.

Outsourcing is effective

The average full-time content writer makes a salary upwards of $42,000 a year – but you can expect to pay as much as $70,000 for a more experienced one. That’s not to mention the additional costs incurred by recruiting and hiring, employee benefits, and administrative overhead, all of which can total thousands of dollars more. Hiring a freelancer can be much more effective with no hiring and recruiting overhead. And you have to pay $0.01 to $1.00 per word which is significantly less than hiring a full time content writer.

Access to larger pool of resources

It is effective, affordable and offers flexibility. No doubt, in-house content creator offers stability but outsourcing gives you the taste of having unlimited resources. You can have your content developed from any corner of the world. With the freelancers, you don’t have to rely over any single individual.