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Best Mobile App Trends For Your Business That Will Make Money In 2019

By: Diksha | September 09,2019 |

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Mobile apps have been changing lives constantly and because of their enormous popularity, they serve a great opportunity for businesses. The experts have been saying that the mobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries showing no signs of slowing down. With the latest technological advancements, you get to see more mobile app trends and opportunities for business growth.

Well, 2019 is no different, and today we will discuss mobile app trends that will make money for your business. Hence, let’s dig deep in the details about the app trends which are going to dominate in 2019.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

As we all know, artificial intelligence is no new to this era. More and more business sectors are eyeing on to have the system integrated with human intelligence. More advanced tools are technologies are being powered by artificial intelligence. Both of deep roots in today’s mobile app development. What we can expect from these technologies in the future?

  • AI-enabled chips
  • AI automated DevOps
  • Interoperability among the neural networks
  • Automated machine learning

The recent advancements in the technology show that if these tools are used in the correct manner, they can actually help you capture real-time events with utmost accuracy.

Blockchain Technology

Although the technology is not new in the industry, it has started creating a buzz a few years back. Many financial investors and institutions are already reaping the benefits of using technology. The blockchain technology has the potential and scope to change the course and shape of the industrial landscape by leveraging trust and minimizing the friction across the business ecosystems. The use of this technology will surely provide you with elaborated structures which will help your business with long-term success.

With the help of Blockchain technology, users can also develop decentralized mobile applications. The technology has gained lots of popularity in smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. There is nothing wrong to say that Blockchain is expected to grow more in the near future and change the world of the mobile app industry.

Integration Of Wearable Apps

Most businesses have realized the need for wearable apps. For example - the medical sector has made progressive use of these apps by providing you with the vital stats of your body including - blood sugar levels and heart rate. These apps allow you to keep in touch with all the activities without even looking at your phone or tablet. The popularity of wearable apps is not just limited to the medical field but also used widely in other sectors of the industry. The major reason for its popularity is they help to enhance the personality and style of the people. Various app development companies are looking forward to providing an excellent interface for the wearable apps, so they look fancier and also enhance the user experience.

As we all know the main control of the wearable device is the smartphone. Therefore, we need to pair our devices in close proximity to smartphones. However, there will be no need for smartphones in the near future. They may be instantly connected to the web or simply function with your body.

The technology is already claiming to be in the first spot of the fitness industry and is going to take over the other sectors of the industry.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Well, the list is surely incomplete without including virtual reality and augmented reality. The technology has become popular, and the applications made by the use of VR and AR provide the user with an interactive interface. Most reputed app development companies are going beyond just the screen technology and investing more in the updated technology.

For example - social networking apps like - Instagram and Snapchat have released the AR filters which turns the human faces into the funny digital characters.

Video Streaming On Mobile

Most users spent time-consuming media through the videos. The leaders should include short-form video apps like - Tik Tok, Youtube, and more. Snapchat and Instagram are also being part of this technology are also gaining a lot of popularity over the Internet. They are more likely to grow in the near future and gain lots of audiences.

On-Demand Apps

The business model of on-demand apps is already getting immense popularity and is likely to get more in the near future. Most companies have embraced on-demand apps and use it as a successful model for their business growth. The on-demand app development is here to stay and any business which does not adopt this trend will surely get crushed by their competitors.

In 2019, the trend of on-demand apps will focus more on the B2B sector. Other industries are also likely to embrace this technology.

Mobile Wallets The Perfect Game Changers In The Mobile Industry

The demand for mobile wallets is on rising and more companies are looking forward to creating these apps. As security being the most important concern of the mobile industry, mobile wallets are surely going to be a game-changer in the mobile industry in 2019. Today, consumers look forward to the frictionless payment method in mobile apps. Nobody wants their privacy to get tampered, the mobile companies ensures in providing the utmost security to them. However, the mobile wallets they make are made with the highest level of security encryption which works with all kinds of mobile apps. Therefore, what will be the future of mobile wallets?

  • More people will be using mobile wallets
  • Contactless payment
  • Providing customers with more secure mobile wallets


Well, this is not any new innovation in technology. There are many industries using Beacons including - hotels, museums, healthcare, and more. There is nothing wrong to say that Beacons technology has become more understandable for common users. Their use is not limited to this, they have the greater capability.

For example, the technology can be combined with IoT and can help the users to get valuable information. The information generally includes the ongoing promos and sales going within their vicinity. Therefore, how the Beacons technology will be for the user?

  • It will be used immensely for mobile payments
  • Automated machine learning
  • AI-enabled chips


Chatbots have been popular ever since they have been evolved and 2019 is no new for the technology. They are going to take over the world by providing effective communication and real-time interactions between the users and customers. No matter which field of the industry you are, the chatbots are surely going to enhance the user's experience.

Most companies have realized the need for customer engagement by providing them with the enhanced user experience. Moreover, chatbots have become the major source of earning profits for the companies. Plus, this is the reason why more companies are competing to provide their customers with innovative chatbot applications.

Immersive User Experience

With the advancement in technology, the lines between the real and physical world have started disappearing. There are many ways in which the technology is evolving, the companies have now incorporated conversational platforms and have changed the way people interact. The new way of interaction with the digital world is full of augmented and virtual reality, thereby, enhancing the user experience.

Introduction of Instant Apps

If we talk about efficient and user-friendly services, then you will surely think of mobile apps. The instant apps have become popular in recent years and will continue to grow their market in the mobile application industry. Another aspect of using these apps is they help in expanding the user base. There are many users out there who wish to access certain apps but usually fail with due to lack of space. This is certainly a major issue faced by mobile application companies while building apps. But, with instant apps, you don’t have to worry much about these apps.

Well, we strongly believe that staying up-to-date with the latest trends of technologies will help you keep the customers satisfied. This will allow you to meet the customer's demand and understand their behavior in a better way. Moreover, having relevant knowledge help businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. In this blog, we have tried to provide you with the full insights of the mobile application development trends that will surely prevail in 2019. One thing to keep in mind is the trends in mobile applications will keep on changing and the businesses need to be in full sync of the ever-changing trends.

If you want to enhance the quality of mobile applications, then make sure you follow these tips. Incorporate these tips into your business strategy and make a significant name in the mobile app development industry.

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