In this digital age, having a mobile app is a must for the growth of the company. Smartphones are evolving dramatically and are changing our day-to-day. They’ve become an important part of our lives without realizing. Android and iOS are two major mobile app platforms and business enterprises have a difficult time choosing from them. However, both platforms have their own set of advantages, but the iOS platform can outnumber Android. Here let me tell you how-  

The Apple Interface

iOS is specifically for Apple devices and the best part about Apple is that the company makes great efforts to create its interface a better customer service. The more interactive and enjoyable the app, the better the relationship is between customer and company. Apple is always praised for its regulated environment of their device. Moreover, they enjoy easy and interactive apps and make the interface even better. Such features are helpful in boosting up its sales and makes it more desirable for consumers.  


Security is often an afterthought for developers while developing applications, which makes the app vulnerable to security threats like viruses, trojans, malware etc. With iOS, developers are open to exciting features and utmost security. iOS guarantees effective security against malware and viruses, which makes it a perfect choice for developing a business app.  

More reach to tech-savvy users

iPhone has always been the fascinating and most preferred device for the tech-savvy users. And for any business app, first and foremost thing is to attract new customers and boost its sales. With a well-crafted iPhone app, the company can surely expect a dramatic increase in their users and can enhance their reach for such an audience. It offers an innovative way to reach more people and enhance brand recognition as well.  

Lower Fragmentation

While developing an app for the Android platform, developers have to be concerned with a variety of Android devices out there. But with iOS, the fragmentation during testing is a lot fewer as there are hardly 20+ Apple devices are out there. With the low variety of devices, testing can be faster and also adds the benefits to the business as early as possible.  

Higher ROI

With Android app development, there are chances to generate less than 10% of the total money spent on building the app. Even the simple calculation says that it’s not profitable. But with iOS app development, the company is definitely on the path of healthy finances.  With chances of higher revenue and increased ROI. Also, the highly scalable iOS features allow the company to cater to the investment worthy clients.  

More Paying Clients

Due to the open source heritage of Android, Android users are not that willing to pay for an application. But with iOS app development, chances of getting more paying clients are higher. They are more willing to pay on an app as the average cost for an iOS app is around $2.01 which is less than Android app (which is $3.07). Thus, making it a better platform to develop the business app.  

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