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5 Tips for Creating an Attractive Logo Design - Softuvo Solutions

By: Diksha | August 20,2018 |

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For any business, Logo works as the unique identity. A logo must be creative enough to leave an impact over the consumers so that they can remember the business. Such a unique and attractive logo design can help you build a solid consumer base and can turn your business into trustworthy brand. Whereas, a common business logo will eventually get lost in the crowd of thousands of business logo. A business logo must be designed with utmost creativity as it plays a vital role in attracting consumers. Often, logos serve as a proof that the products or services they are buying are genuine. So, when people see a logo, that is also the time to make an impression on them. At that time, you can send your brand message to the viewers. Logos are not just perfect combination of colours, designs and shapes but rather a signature of company’s unique brand value. Here are some attractive logo design tips for you.

Determine you goal

Understand your goal first while designing logo. You must focus on what message you want to convey through your logo. Goal determination will help guide you in your design, choices, font and colour picks. There are few questions which you must consider before designing a logo:

  • What type of words will describe your business?
  • Which problem does your website solve?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What message do you convey through your logo?

Goal must be clear as a website created for professional business would be totally different from the one created for playful children.

Keep it simple and flexible

Keeping something simple is actually difficult than it sound. Though, the design may itself look simple but actually a perfect blend of concept and careful thoughts. Logos often come with hidden meanings or images within their design. It’s not an obligation that every logo needs a hidden image within it, but this technique can help simplify the design. When brainstorming the concept for your logo, remember to limit your design to one or two colours and to use fonts that are easy to read.

Don’t go over the board

Sure, there should be an effort to make the logo differentiate from other. However one must know their limit and avoid going over the board. We often come across new application icons and company logos that are so abstract that they lose any kind of relevance with the brand or product. Don't allow investment in your company's "ideologies" to distort your visual messaging. Take the example of Uber logo that it requires an explanation to communicate its message due to the unintelligently designed logo. But its a good thing that Uber has a name brand which drives the awareness for the services. Sadly, most of the businesses make this mistake by going over the top in instead of attractive logo design.

Colour is key

Think of the every aspect of the organization, while taking the brand’s personality into account. Like mute tones exude sophistication, but they are often overlooked. Whereas vibrant colours can grab consumers’ attention but they tend to seem brash. You might sketch the perfect logo but failing to colour it properly can make you land in the trap of conveying the wrong message. Different colours express different emotions. A quick break down of the colours are:

  • White: pure, Clean, simple
  • Brown: Steady, Historic, Rural
  • Pink: Flirty and fun
  • Purple: Wise, evocative, spiritual
  • Black: Powerful and Credible
  • Yellow: Optimism, inventive, sunny
  • Green: Organic, instructional, growth
  • Blue: Medical, Tranquil, professional, trustworthy
  • Red: sexy, Bold. Energetic
  • Orange: Playful, Friendly, Creative

Keep it scalable and dynamic

Good logos are determined t be stand the test of time. Try avoiding play on woods, pop culture references and other cliches as they will go out of style eventually. Rather, aim for something recognizable and unique to make it timeless. Custom type is the best way to achieve this. Making logos dynamic can also make them withstand the walls of time. Nothing here is static, then why should a design be rigid and less flexible. However, this does not necessarily mean that you keep on changing your logo design, every now and then.

Consider your design options

While indulging with the logo design, don’t forget to have several option and consider several designs before finalizing the final design. If you’re confident enough with the design you are working on, then there’s no harm in taking it further. But when in doubt, you should always go for logo designers. They are professionals and can definitely help you out with designing a logo which perfectly fits your business. If you’re tight on budget then you can search free online logo makers to make DIY logo design easy for an attractive logo design.

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