22 Aug 2018

Attracting customers to your online store

Attracting customers can be bit tricky when it comes to online retail store even though the demand for online shopping is rapidly fueling. There are number of e-commerce stores offering the services to the people. Users have a wide variety of options and are comparing their options which makes it even difficult to attain loyal consumers. Take the instance of big online stores like eBay, Amazon etc doing really good at offering customer satisfaction. This is the era of tough competition which makes it hard for the e-commerce store owner to attract maximum and quality customer base which can add value to their business. However, if you are running an e-commerce store and are looking for some guidance to increase your sales overseas then here are some tips that would definitely let you plan an effective strategy for that.

  1. Equate preferences of your targeted audience

You must consider various factors while availing products in your online retail store and attracting customers. Trends varies on geographical locations, age groups, purchase patterns etc. To provide your customer base with their preferred product, you must know their preference first. This will help you determine that which products you should enlist first to attract the particular clientele. Also, no doubt you need to arrange the products in different categories so that your customers can easily locate the desired one, but you must show all these categories on the homepage or landing pages.

  1. Set up an eye-catching store

Ensure that the products in your online store are organized in well manner. You customer should be able to locate the required product. There should be necessary filters and sort options available. Make sure surfing your website is fun and exciting but at same time it offers ease of use. There should be effective representation like drop-downs or cartwheels but it should go over the top. Representation and looks is a major factor as nobody want to waste their time on unorganized and boring looking ecommerce website.

  1. Promote brand rather than product

Main thing most online websites lack is they promote their products rather than their brand. Now lets say the product you’re selling might be available on other websites too, then how will you seek attention of consumers? Answer is by promoting brans. If your brand is well-known and customers recognise your brand, they are more likely to purchase products from you. For promoting brand value, you need to build strong reputation. It can be achieved by displaying the review of your most satisfied customers or offering after-sale support.

  1. Ensure satisfaction of your customer to get good ratings/reviews

75% of users prefer to buy product with good reviews and ratings. 84% of users admit to have habit of checking the reviews before making a purchase. Does it ring any bell? Yes, you right about it. You can attract maximum and quality customers by attaining good ratings and review from your previous customers. To gain the good ratings and reviews you must be capable of satisfying the needs of customers by providing value to their money, making timely deliveries, offering after sale support, easy and efficient return/exchange policies etc.

  1. Enable guest visits and purchase on your website

Try not to force users to sign-up on your website. Let them make guest visit and purchase and make hem happy with your services so that sigh-up because they wanted to, Not because they had to. You can ask them to create an account later or ask for reviews too.

  1. Ensure after sale support

Your job doesn’t end with the delivery of the product. In case the customers aren’t happy about the product or they’re having difficulty installing/using it. There comes the after sale support in picture. If they are not happy with the delivered product you can satisfy them by responding to their queries. ensure the quick and positive support to your clients. Response to your clients’ queries and comments as soon as possible.