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AR Winning Latest Technologies Aiming Top Spot in App Trends

By: Diksha | July 25,2018 |

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Augmented reality is taking everyone with surprise especially after launch of Apple’s AR kit and Google AR-core SDKs. IoT is been in the game for years now which didn’t stop AR to make space in the list of latest trending technologies. Mobile application development is a well established and growing market. Moreover, it is successfully rebuilding and strengthening the expertise in various technologies to support ever-evolving marketplace challenges. To keep up with the pace of changing technologies, it is essential to keep updated with newer technologies.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Basic definition defines augmented reality as an enhanced version of reality created using advanced technologies for overlaying digital information on an image of something being viewed over a digital device. In simpler words, process of creating a quasi-alternate reality via technology, you already have access to, within the current environment is known as AR. Although recently it gained huge popularity but it is not necessarily a new technology as first evidences of AR goes back to 1960s but was officially coined in 1990. till then it’s been making its way through several mainstream industries including eCommerce, entertainment, education, healthcare, travel, manufacturing and the list goes on. Reports state that by 2017, about $3 billion has been invested in AR/VR.

What is contributing in its increasing popularity?

Remember the popular game Pokemon Go started in 2016? Suddenly is the was the most trending game and people were going crazy over it. People actually started exploring new place to explore new pokemons, rather than the place itself. The game was downloaded about 650 millions times. It was the first time people experienced AR and they actually appreciated it. By seeing the crazy popularity of the technologies, there are several new AR based technologies lined up for investing more in the technology.

What are the new developments in technology?

Apple and Android are known for locking horns with the every possible mobility niche and announced investment in Augmented reality as well. Apple is working with AR and soon there will be a lot of iOS and android powered devices and applications, thanks to Google and Apple. AR-Kit launched by apple and AR-Core launched by Google accelerated the AR industrial venture for product visualization. Google also confirmed that AR-Core launched by them is not limited to Pixel 1, Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy 8 only but will be supporting more devices in coming future. Furthermore, Google is also working on the issue of device fragmentation by launching ARCore v1.0, by supporting over 100 million Android devices.

Where lies the future of AR?

With the increasing investment and expertise in AR, it is confirmed that AR hardware will be less expensive. Smartphones being the major gateway to AR technology seems to sought out the issue of acquiring additional accessories including glasses and headsets and will become even more accessible to the users. With the increasing popularity, AR is spreading its roots in routine of the users apart from professional and gaming routine only such as improving travel safety, healthcare equipments and much more. Mobile adoption hs turned the technology upside down and has become the best medium to acquire, engage and retain consumers from business perspective.

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