26 Feb 2020

AR And VR: The Digital Marketing Trends Of 2020!

I am pretty sure that by now all of us are aware of the emerging trends of the Digital world – AR and VR. As part of this industry, it is our responsibility to know our audience’s needs and provide them with a great user experience. In digital marketing, engaging the customers and creating brand awareness, both are crucial. Adopting new technologies to achieve these aspects has become a rising trend. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) as promising marketing strategies climb at the top-notch of the digital world as compared to traditional platforms.

AR and VR

Virtual Reality is computer generated and offers an entirely immersive experience in which an artificial three-dimensional environment is simulated. You can interact with the environment as though it is real.

On the other side Augmented Reality, views us the current world with computer-generated graphics superimposed over it. His technology creates an interaction between real-world and virtual information.

These technologies, in the Digital Playground, has caught the attention of the consumers and is playing around with their interests. These days the majority of the brands and marketers are employing the AR and VR technologies as a vital element in the market-competition to set them apart from others. As Dominic Collins says, that both allows its consumers to be there and be them due to the immersive experiences they provide. While using AR and VR in digital marketing to tell a story, brands should remember that they are just the storytellers whereas the consumers are in control of how they are interacting with the product. The use of this technology simply transforms the traditional experience of storytelling into an exciting multi-dimensional experience.

Digital marketers in this tech playground very well know the benefits of embracing these new technologies. Where consumers search for “what is…?”, the question has now changed to “ where can I buy..? Along with the demand for continuously growing Virtual and Augmented Reality.

From Oculus Rift, Amazon, IKEA to the Samsung Gear VR, the market is filled with tech giants. If you have resources, welcome the change in marketing with these technologies, before your competitors do. In time, you’ll be shoving them off in the dust.