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AMP for ecommerce Enabling A Great Comeback

By: Diksha | July 27,2018 |

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source initiative enabling the creation of ads and websites in a faster and effective manner to make the web better for all. Experts can make high-performing and beautiful ads and websites across various devices and distribution devices. The best part about AMP is its ability to publish results according to the advertisers and publishers for improving KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Following are the main reasons, amp for ecommerce is seeking the limelight in 2018 mobile trends.

  • eCommerce giants like eBay are seeking services from AMP, which influence other eCommerce businesses to make use of AMP and make improved conversions.
  • Apart from hosting conversions, there are other advantages of using AMP- decreasing bounce rate, increase in pageviews, increasing traffic, increasing conversions, and average time on site.
  • Google has also been supported for AMP by extending AMP support rather than just sticking to online journals and publishing websites which helped it gain prominence. They show their support for mobile applications and also update their algorithm according to mobile friendliness.

  • A Quick Guide To AMP for ecommerce

Working of AMP

Basically, amp for ecommerce supports mobile friendliness and loads the web pages faster than “typical” web pages. The fundamental idea behind this is to strip away the additional clunks from HTML code to make the web page load faster. For using AMP, you need to use an updated streamlined version of CSS and strip out the JavaScript entirely. So main idea behind AMP is to make the HTML light weighted and strip away the traditional HTML chunks. You might get confused between mobile-optimized pages and AMP as Mobile-optimized pages are loadable and viewable in mobile devices, but AMPs are designed to load much faster, providing users with instantly available content.

AMP in a Nutshell

Dedicated mobile development will become even efficient with amp for ecommerce and would suffice the basic requirements of mobile application development. Mobile apps are here to stay and AMP will be there to fulfill the basic requirements of mobile application development. With the relatively new development in AMP by Google and the interest shown by other tech giants, it can be predicted that investing in AMP can be beneficial. Plus smartphones are the major gateway for the users which makes it necessary for start-ups to develop mobile applications. AMP can be the next major step towards success for start-ups and you must seek the opportunity.

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