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A Comprehensive Guide To Ensure Top-Notch Mobile App Quality

By: Diksha | August 03,2021 |

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When it comes to mobile applications, there is no limit to innovation. Today, we have an app for almost everything, you name it and you can find it on the app stores. The competition is so tough that surviving is tough without delivering a quality app for the users. Several factors imply the success of an app like - features, unique ideas, and reliability, and more. But, the most important factor behind the app’s success is the quality of the app. No matter how amazing the ideas or functionality your app has if the quality is not top-notch, then users are likely to stop using the app. Sounds like your money is sulking?

Well, the app idea indeed matters the most, good usability and reliability define the app's success. But, how to ensure the mobile quality of apps? The solution is to launch a high-performing and bug-free mobile application. We have curated a checklist that will ensure the quality of the application, thereby providing an amazing user experience.

Functionality Of The App

To make sure the app functions the way you imagined, functionality testing is much needed. This type of testing serves several purposes that are required to ensure the app is working as per the requirement specifications and the design. All-in-all, this type of functionality assures that the app functions really well from the end user’s perspective. Apps come with functionalities like - geolocation, accelerometer, touch sensors, amber lights, and more. Each of such functions needs to be tested under various settings and conditions to provide the users with the quality app only.

The main motive behind functionality testing is to review the potential errors or undesirable issues that might interrupt the live experience of any user. Not just that, a tester should always be prepared for the worst scenarios. For example - what if the user ends up viewing the app screen where they find any illogical information? Well, several testing tools ensure that all the users get the best app with the right functionality. When the app is working fine and the data is transferred to the app, location management then all of the progress is done simply using the navigation.

Performance Of The App

It’s a common workspace scenario that mobile development teams work under strict deadlines and they give the least priority to the app testing. A big blunder it is! Testers always give functionality testing the top priority and consider it as a basic criterion to launch the application. But, the truth is app performance is the top factor in determining whether the user will use the app or leave it. One should understand that a poor app experience can affect the app’s performance testing and will ultimately leave you with losses.

Once you have created an app, make sure you check the app’s performance, API performance, Network performance, and more. This will help in putting the spotlight on the backend as well the functional aspect of the app including - energy consumption, GPS, battery-killing features, network usage, and more. A few questions that you must consider are - is the hardware impacting the performance? What’s the capacity of the application? Does the app perform heavy workloads? All you need is the right app testing strategy to cover the test objectives and get the desired results.

Usability Of App

To win over your users, developers need to provide higher value and quality to the users. And, by simply testing the applications for functional and performance accuracy, you can’t determine the quality of the app. An app needs to be highly intuitive, responsive, and engaging enough with the users. With the help of mobile usability testing, developers search and apply for the changes that are needed from the usability perspective.

There are some key considerations to take while performing mobile usability testing such as - incorporating strategies that will be used during the testing system. There should also be an assigned list of things that presents and portrays different practices and exercises to be followed. Also, the app should have room for clearness and the extent of testing. Testers can implement A/B testing to get full insights into the application. The whole idea is to ship two different variants of applications to get a better-performing app for the end-users. After having a complete analysis of the app’s behavior, one can easily modify the features and the components in the right way, thus making the target audiences love your app.

Security Of The App

The sudden rise of digitalization has led to an increase in cybercrimes as well. Therefore, app security is a crucial step to consider. An app that performs brilliantly and has an amazing set of features yet is insecure is a big no-no in today’s times. Thus an app should always be tested on an app’s basis like - authorization, confidentiality, web services, authentication, storage, and more. The first thing to consider while performing security testing is that it must be the first need to guarantee the safety of business as well as your clients. It includes authentication and authorization, thereby giving the individuals to decide how much access they want to give to the individual users.

Security testing helps in guaranteeing that all your data remains safe from any breaches. A good software tester will always keep the client's security as the topmost priority and will add different sets of security levels to ensure the security of the app's data. The testers first need to check the vulnerabilities of the app and then look for legitimate security measures that can guarantee the app's security.

Wrapping Up!

The truth is clear that the success of any mobile application depends on the quality of the mobile application to a great extent. In this hectic life, users hardly have the patience to bear a slow-performing app. When a new app is launched, users set high expectations in terms of quality, security, functionalities, and performance. And, to meet the user’s expectations, you need to hire a dedicated team of testers who are well-versed with modern testing tools and technologies.

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