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Cloud Computing: Secret Success Recipe

By: Diksha | October 23,2018 |

4 min read

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Are you a start up and struggling to expand in the marketplace? Have you migrated to cloud yet? If no, then you’re already far behind. Cloud computing is nothing fancy or something to be hype about rather is a must-have service. You don’t have to acquire cloud services because everybody else has! I am recommending you cloud because you need it. Following are some benefit of cloud to your start-up business which can help you spread your roots-

  1. Higher Productivity

Major challenge ever faced in a start-up is productivity of your resources. It is the phase where you’ve made your investment and trying everything you could to retrieve your investment. It makes it even important to attain maximum productivity out of your resources. Cloud computing comes in picture here. You can make the programs remote which can be used simultaneously by different users. It takes care of the back-up, encourage remote collaboration, make automatic updates, hence allowing your workforce to concentrate on their core duties rather than get affected by technical faults. It clears up the confusion of sending back and forth iteration of files with even a minor change. Rather you can just store it on the “shared access” in the cloud.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

“Living Document” is another benefit which grants access to various users and makes the engagement between employees efficient, thus improving collaboration. It reflects the minor as, well as major changes made in the task by all users instantaneously, allowing employees with fundamental change in collaboration.

  1. Enhanced Security

Losing data can be the most affecting set back ever as data is the most important asset of any organization. Cloud computing is capable of making automatic backup and offer most efficient recovery. You need not to bother about the back up and recovery of your files and data. Moreover, cloud encrypts the files and data to prevent  security breach and attack.

  1. Remarkable Mobility

Another benefit of cloud is that you can access files anytime, anywhere regardless of the time, place or device. Files are no longer stuck over a single computer and you don’t have to rely over traditional methods to transfer files from one end to another.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

Migration to cloud can improve flexibility drastically. You no longer rely on traditional method of storing and accessing files. Collaboration is even more effective and better. If you’re starting as a start-up, you obviously attain just a handful of resources and clients as well but you aim to expand. With cloud, expansion can be less hassling and you can actually just work with the virtual instances of the resources rather than purchasing the physical resources.

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