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9 Ways to be More Productive With the Digital Marketing Tools

By: Diksha | July 07,2019 |

4 min read

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Digital Marketing is the essence to success, whether you’re working on getting your start-up off the ground or you’ve been working in the field for several years now. But with different activities involved in digital marketing and the need to keep it simple yet creative can make it hectic for digital marketers. Especially with day to day marketing activities, prioritizing the work, organizing the tasks, keeping the track on the results of the recent marketing campaigns and the list goes on. With the increasing demand for social media marketing, it is important to get the most precious asset and social media tools to be more productive with it! A study report suggests that on average, mid to large size companies spend about $958 million on their marketing campaign. This clearly means that the majority of companies need to revamp their marketing strategies. There are various tools available which mainly focus on improving the overall productivity of your digital marketing. Use automation, management tools, and online collaboration to make good use of your time and increase your productivity.  Here are 9 tools that can help you be more productive by saving time. 

#For Planning- Trello

With endless activities associated with the project development and management, it can be difficult to execute the overall project efficiently. Trello is the first-ever project management system invented to make the collaboration efficient among the marketing division. It is capable of keeping up with the social tasks, track time, stay in touch with the freelancers, and the best part- its basic package is available for free. 

#For Collaboration and Storage- Google Drive

Google Drive is the favorite tool of the marketers as it basically offers unlimited storage at no cost, just with a Gmail account. Its online collaboration offers excellent file organization, storing the documents, sharing archives with your clients as well. Google Docs and sheets make it easier to share content plans with smart sightings. With its great editing and privacy capabilities, it is perfect for the content marketing storage system. So go ahead and make the most out of Google drive with its excellent sharing and privacy capabilities. 

#For SEO- Rocket Ranking

Rocket ranking is an online SEO service which provides a number of smart application to the digital marketers in order to improve search engine rankings. It offers various tools including an on-page SEO analyzer, keyword profit calculator, SEO backlink counter, SEO backlink builder and a social media “follow” and “like” tool. Moreover, they offer a first-month free trial and if you love it, you can continue to use it for a very low fee. This tool also offers some smart insights about the SEO ranking, making it an all-in-one SEO tool. 

#For Outsourcing to Freelancers- Elance

Freelancers are making is cheaper to run a digital marketing campaign. They are taking over the workforce as the cheapest, most effective resource to accomplish marketing tasks from writing blogs to social media management. But the only issue is finding a trusted freelancer site. Elance can be the most trustworthy platform for companies and freelancers for allows you to have a look at candidates’ past job performances and read reviews from previous employers. It ensures that you hire a competent candidate for your work who can offer you slightly higher productivity. 

#For Social Media Management- Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the perfect tool for social media management. It offers you a dashboard with the power to access all your social media profiles in one place. The best part about Hootsuite is that it saves time and maximize efficiency at the same time on social media marketing. With the ability to access more than three profiles that too for free of any cost can help you maximize your productivity. However, you can broaden your capability and can upgrade to a larger package for a small fee if required. 


#For Scheduling Social Media Posts- Buffer

The number of active social media is endless including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter, Reddit and so on. Visiting every social media platform manually and posting over it can be hectic for social media marketers. With Buffer, you can keep social efforts in one place as you schedule content on all social media platforms, view social analytics, shorten links, share messages and improve brand recognition, using this useful tool. Moreover, with buffer, it is much easier to improve branding on social media and promote the organizations. 

#For Building Graphic Content- Canva 

Graphics play a vital role in constructing audience engagement. With Canva, you can build amazing graphics content for your blogs and can share it via social media. Whether its infographic, memes or customized images, Canva can help you build the brand and spreading brand recognition. With media content, you can also increase the traffic on your website and social media platforms. Moreover, with graphic content, you can gain and keep customer’s attention. The online tool makes it easy for digital marketers to create the images they need without having to use expensive and hard-to-navigate software and tools. 

#For Customer Engagement- SurveyMonkey

In any digital marketing campaign, the most important yet hard thing is to keep your audience engaged throughout your marketing efforts. Good news is SurveyMonkey makes it easy for you! It is available for free which allows you to design, collect and analyze surveys. The collected data can help you see what works and what needs tweaking. It is a great tool for collecting customer feedback and learning how to improve your marketing campaign advertisements and promotions for more audience engagement. Not only that, it allows you to gain and keep smart insights for your research and surveys. 

#For Performance Analysis- Google Analytics 

It is equally important to measure your performance. No marketing efforts are complete without a thorough analysis of their performance. Google Analytics comes in handy as it is a free tool for accurate data collection by accumulating information about the customers that visit your website. Moreover, it is helpful for things such as allocating the budget, redirecting SEO efforts, defining your target audience, and improving website appeal.  With so many tools out there, recognize the most effective tool for you which can enhance your productivity and can help you attain your ultimate goal. With manual apps and tools like spreadsheet content calendar or other tools, you are not only wasting your time but also missing out on the competitive edge. Or hire a competent digital marketing strategist for your business for an effective digital marketing campaign.

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