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6 Ways To Target Mobile Users With Push Notifications

By: Diksha | October 22,2019 |

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Smartphones have now become an effective medium to target audiences globally. With the increasing mobile engagement of users across the world, interacting with your audience using mobile devices has become the need of the hour. Today customers are using to browse your website, read messages, interact with apps, and participate in the buying/selling interactions. Incorporating push notifications can help in engaging more mobile users and increasing brand awareness.

But, what exactly are the push notifications? Well, the push notifications are small messages that can help you reach your audience anywhere, anytime. These are the pop-ups that appear when the user is on your site or has engaged with the brand. The push notifications are a powerful tool for marketing and help in communicating with the audience.

If you want to grab the user’s attention, then you need to follow the right strategy for creating effective push notifications. Let us guide you with a few tips that will help in creating push notifications for your business.

Limit the number of push notifications

It is really important to keep your push notifications short and crisp. Too many notifications can irritate the customer and urge them to hate your product/service. So, what you can do is:

  • Add a short message and include a follow link along with it. A single-line text with a website’s link will work.
  • Too long notifications can confuse the customer. They won’t be able to focus on your main content and can easily misunderstand your thoughts.
  • The display headline should be relevant to the content. It must be catchy and urge the user to open the notification.

Promote the products and services

While marketing your business using the push notifications, it is important to send the notifications on appropriate time. You must analyze the right time when the user is more likely to read the content. For example - when you are targeting customers worldwide, you must be aware of different time zones. Market study plays a key role in deciding such factors. You can see a few survey reports to know what time is getting more click-through rates.

We all want to promote our products/services, but finding the right strategy to do is daunting. Push notifications can instantly grab the user’s interest and promote your brand. For example - you have a clothing line and you are out with the flash sale. Send your customers some catchy notifications and tease them to buy your products. Many people have this common misconception if they don’t buy today, they will definitely miss something great. Take full advantage of it!

Boost customer engagement

Now we all know that push notifications help in building the brand name. By sending gentle reminders and timely updates to your customers keeps them engaged on a regular basis. Try to make the notifications more personalized and short to get better responses. Big companies like - Amazon and Netflix are taking full advantage of push notifications. They are now sending more personalized messages considering the user attributes. Such messages make the user feel that you care about their likings and reminding them about the same. Trust me, such messages are more appreciated in comparison to the regular update messages.


Well, personalization plays a critical role in this age of information. Simply sending a reminder message or a hello message is not the right way to send notifications. You need to know the right way to follow personalize your messages. We will guide you with a few steps to get the right personalized message.

  • Segment your audiences:

    Customers respond differently to different notifications. So, you need to know your customers, track their purchase history, see what they are looking for and then adjust the notifications accordingly.
  • Demographics:

    It is important to understand the demographics, as this may work in your favor. You can segment your audiences on the basis of age, gender, interests, interests, browsing history, and more. The more customer data you get, the better content you can serve them with.
  • Geofencing technology:

    Another point to consider is the location. For example - you own a restaurant in different locations. When the user downloads the app, they can instantly get relevant information about the restaurant based on the location.

Customer experience

So, you prepared a push notification to target your audiences, but don’t forget they have the right to opt-out. This could backfire your strategy and annoy people, which you obviously don’t want right? And, trust me, it’s really difficult to get back the customers when they have muted the push notifications.

To avoid losing your valuable customers, limit the number of push notifications. If not important, keep the stats to one push notification per day. It has been seen that the first notification has a better click-through rate. Add catchy content and make it more appealing.

Android and Apple push notifications

As we all know, push notifications have become an important part of mobile marketing these days. They instantly grab the user’s attention and effective curate the brand message. But, if you have to excel in the game, then you understand Android and Apple devices push notifications.

  • It is really important that the notifications must adapt to different platforms. Once you frame the notifications, you need to check how they look on both the platforms - Android and Apple. You will notice the variations depending on the software version and device. This will give you a better idea and help in altering your strategies.
  • The biggest difference between Android and Apple users is how they subscribe to push notifications. While the former automatically subscribe to the notifications once you install them, the later one needs the user to manually allow the app notifications.

Summing up

Push notifications are something you cannot miss-on if you wish to reach your audiences and stand out from the competitors. These tips will surely help in altering your push notification strategies and get better results.

If you need more information regarding the push notifications or want to know how they can help in improving business sales, you can contact your team. We will sort out your queries.

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