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6 Smart Tips To Attract Customers To Your Online Store

By: Diksha | June 01,2020 |

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Even though the demand for online shopping is rapidly fueling, attracting customers can be a bit tricky. There are a number of e-commerce stores offering services to people across the globe. Today, consumers have a wide variety of options, and they compare their options on various e-commerce sites.  This makes it difficult for online stores to attain loyalty from consumers. Big online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Flipkart are leading the market by ensuring quality products and meeting customer’s expectations. This is the era of tough competition which makes it hard for the e-commerce store owner to attract a maximum customer base that can add value to their business.

If you are running an e-commerce store and are looking for some guidance to increase your sales overseas, then we can help! Here are some tips that would definitely let you plan an effective online business strategy.

Equate Preferences Of Your Targeted Audience

There are various factors you must consider while availing products in your online retail store and attracting customers. Trends vary in geographical locations, age groups, purchase patterns, etc. To provide your customer base with their preferred product, you must know their preference first. That’s the golden rule! Doing this will help you determine which products you should enlist first to attract particular clientele. Also, you must arrange the products in different categories so that your customers can easily locate the desired one. Also, you can show all these categories on the homepage or landing pages.

Set Up An Eye-Catching Store

Another thing to do is to focus on the designing of the eCommerce store. You should set up an eye-pleasing online store that is easy to navigate. Your customer should be able to locate the required product. There should be necessary filters and sort options available. Make sure surfing your website should not only be fun and exciting but also offer ease of use. There should be effective representation like drop-downs or cartwheels that can go over the top. Representation and looks are a major factor as nobody wants to waste their time on an unorganized and boring looking eCommerce website.

Promote Brand Rather Than Product

The main thing most online websites lack is they promote their products rather than their brand. Now let’s say the product you’re selling might be available on other websites too, then how will you seek the attention of consumers? The answer is by promoting your brand name. If your brand is well-known and customers recognize your brand, they are more likely to purchase products from you. For promoting brand value, you need to build a strong reputation. It can be achieved by displaying the review of your most satisfied customers or offering after-sale support.

Get Customer Ratings/Reviews

75% of users prefer to buy a product with good reviews and ratings. 84% of users admit to having a habit of checking the reviews before making a purchase. Does it ring any bell? Yes, you must think about it. You can attract maximum and quality customers by attaining good ratings and reviews from your previous customers. Keep one thing in mind - good ratings and reviews come to those who ensure customer satisfaction by adding value to their money, making timely deliveries, offering after-sale support, easy and efficient return/exchange policies, etc.

Enable Guest Visits And Purchase On Your Website

Try not to force users to sign-up on your website. Let them make a guest visit and purchase and make them happy with your services.  Make them feel comfortable at your website and provide them with the flexibility to choose when they want to sign-up. No compulsions should be there. Once they have signup on your website, then you can ask them for reviews and ping them with personalized emails and push notifications.

Ensure After-Sale Support

Your job doesn’t end with the delivery of the product. In case the customers aren’t happy about the product or they’re having difficulty installing/using it. There comes the after-sale support in the picture. If the customers are not happy with the delivered products, you can satisfy them by responding to their queries. Make sure you offer quick and positive support to your customers. When companies respond to customer queries, the customer automatically feels wanted. And, this work wonders for your brand!

Final Thoughts

Establishing a brand online can be daunting, but incorporating the right approach will help in boosting your brand. We hope these tips help you in creating a huge customer base and increase your business revenues. It’s time to go e-commerce by following a smart way!

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