Appearance is the first a user notices in a website. So UX (user experience) is more than just designs and color combinations. It is sentiments and emotions it brings when a user visits it. Sometimes, designers are too focused on technicalities that they forget the basics. Try these strategies to boost the UX for your website.

Use white space

Although you might find white space unattractive and useless it is essential to good design. To make your content appear more legible, you need to have white space. Moreover, it enables the user to focus on the elements surrounding the text. A survey states that white space around the title heading increases the user attention by 20%. So white space isn’t all bad. Leaving a lot of white space can make your website look unattractive. Just try to find the balance between what is most important and need to communicate on top and add some white space to highlight the important context.

Optimized Page Speed

girl-1064658_960_720 Most of the users abandon the website when it takes longer than intended to load. It can be a frustrating experience for the users to wait for a page to load. People are always busy and while they’re having coffee and listening to music and surfing your website at the same time, they expect a faster result. When they don’t get it, they bounce! A slow loading page interrupts the experience for a user.  Start optimizing the speed of your website by compressing the images and removing the not-so-important animations and videos from your website.

Attractive CTAs

Biggest turn off in a website is the excessive content, statically placed over the pages without Call-To-Action buttons. It makes the website look dull, unattractive and static. STAs that are clearly marked with an action word enabling users to easily navigate through the site and get exactly what they want in the location they expect to find it. Directing the users through impressive CTAs can increase the traffic and make the UX even better. Having time oriented buttons like “Sign Up Now” or action-oriented buttons like “Get Started” makes a great impression over the users. These active action words that prompt and guide the user to move forward.

Impressive Use of Pictures

People are getting faster at judging whether they want to surf the website further or not! And pictures play an important role in the judgment. Do not use the stock images because they will recognize it. Stock picture resembles the non-personal style of photography. Having non-stock pictures can increase the traffic and conversion rate and the confidence of the page. Well, the conclusion is stock pictures can be high quality but fails miserably in creating a connection between the users and the brand.

Consistent Web Pages

Consistency is important to keep the user in check. It basically means that everything on different pages matches including heading sizes, font choices, spacing, design components, color combinations, button styles, photo choices, photo choices etc. While navigating through inconsistent sites, users often wonder whether they are in the right place and end up leaving the site.

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