High-quality software is in great demand and is also good for the reputation of an IT service company. But developers are struggling to deliver the high-quality software within the time and budget limits. In such scenarios, DevOps can be the perfect solution. DevOps is helpful in improving the software development and delivery quality dramatically. Moreover, DevOps bridges the gap between the development and operations team for faster communication and effective collaboration. State of Agile Report states that 58% of organizations embrace DevOps strategy in order to enhance their delivery speed. However, DevOps is not limited to accelerate the delivery speed only as it offers other impressive benefits as well. It offers a stable operating environment and assures rapid software delivery. With the ability of quick development cycles, development and delivery of the system become faster and end-results are remarkable. But before you get started on DevOps journey, gain understanding about the tools, processes, and people since DevOps is known to integrate them. Understanding it is an important aspect as it requires a focus on people and organizational change. Starting from driving an enterprise-wide movement, right from the top-level management down to the entry-level staff. And ensure that everyone is aware of the value DevOps brings to the organization. Next, selecting the right tools are just as necessary. Ensure that the tools are compatible with working with the cloud, IT resources and support network as well. Here’s a 5 step guide for successful DevOps strategy to drive sufficient value-

Acquire requirements

It is the most logical first step but many organizations fail to see that, hence end up with failed DevOps adaptation. Acquire requirements and establish a plan sufficient enough to embark the DevOps. Start by understanding the solution pattern of the project you wish to build. Take all the important aspects under consideration including performance, testing, monitoring and security of software development. Try a robust prototyping platform, use tools like pencils and gather requirements to create mockups.

Define DevOps Process

Implementing a DevOps strategy can be the most amazing things for the product delivery but acquiring the understanding of the processes you want to employ and the results you are looking to achieve is just as essential. DevOps strategies and processes vary organization to organization, so it’s better to gain an understanding from traditional approaches from the development through operational approaches you need to eliminate while moving to DevOps.   Tools like GitHub can offer your organization with a dramatic improvement in development efficiency. Moreover, it enables flexible deployment options, innumerable integration, centralized permissions and more. In addition to this, it allows you to host, review, manage, and build quality software along with moving ideas forward and learning all along the way.

Fuel Collaboration

Seamless collaboration is another key element, DevOps offers. To enable effective review code, collaboration is the key which is offered by DevOps. Seamless collaboration by DevOps also enables efficient workload sharing, frequent reviews, latest information updates and resolving conflicts as well.

Enable Automated Testing

Automated testing is another essential and exciting element DevOps offers which plays a vital role in automating the overall product delivery. Automated test scripts are capable of speeding up the process of testing, ultimately improving the quality of the software. It leverages the thorough testing at each stage.

Constant Performance Monitoring

Measuring and monitoring the performance of DevOps strategy is the last step. Given the fact that hundreds of services and processes are involved, it is impossible to monitor each one of them. Therefore, understand the vital metrics and track those. You can use tools to monitor the development cycles and deployment accuracy as well.

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