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5 Must Off-Page SEO Strategies To Build Your Online Reputation

By: Diksha | May 15,2017 |

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Before we jump to 5 cant-miss Off-page SEO strategies, you must have the clarity of what exactly Off-Page SEO is. What is Off-Page SEO? Off-Page SEO is the act of optimizing the reach of your service or brand using the content, relationships, and links to create an optimal experience for prospects. This act generally results into gradual increase in positive business mentions, traffic to your website, search rankings, and conversions. Next, Why you can’t afford to ignore it? In the SEO world you can’t sideline the value of Off-Page SEO because:

  • Goal of off-page SEO: The practice aims at accumulating positive signals and interactions for your business, brand etc.
  • Off-page SEO benefits: Positive reviews, brand mentions, links, etc.
While working in the digital age, it is not just important to think of links but you should also make the off-page SEO a priority. Here are the key areas you should consider for off-page SEO to boost your brand. These key areas fall under three categories, including Brand, Audience and Content. Brand: 
  1. Excellent Service/Product: Your job as an SEO becomes very easy when the product or service you are offering is recognized as the best in its class. This is because people both online and offline are likely saying amazing things about your work, which thereby increases the visits on your website, and result into positive reviews, resulting into increased sales of the product/service.
  1. Customer Service:It is very important to communicate well with everybody you come in contact with. To grow your reach and endorse your brand, focus on making everybody your company or brand spokespeople come into contact with feel satisfied and positive. For example, ensure that the content you create leaves people feel good about your brand.
  1. Focus On Web Searchers’ Intent: When we talk about SEO, it is typically like people choose to buy and use the services and products if they can first find them. Most of the times, even the best services fail to live up to their full potential just because they don’t match their offerings to what actually the prospective audiences look for. Besides, matching titles, descriptions, and keyword phrases to searcher’s intent, ensure that you focus on where the content is shared and discussed. The best thing is to put the needs of the audience first.
  1. Responsive Social Media Presence: Social media must be a vital component of your off-page SEO strategy. This is very easy, just focus on these three factors:
Availability: In case you have a social media account, ensure that you are monitoring it well and can answer queries and respond to comments well in time. Stay Genuine: Internet users look for genuine interaction, not continuous service promotion or robotic responses. Be proactive: The best thing you can do to add value to your brand is to utilize social media to be seen as a useful resource for the online community.
  1. Build Connections: Social media can be an asset for any company, if use wisely. When you are doing off-page SEO, the main benefit of social is the ability to create and nurture strong  relationships with influencers. Such people have a huge reach in terms of name, recognition, fan following, etc with high-ranking websites. Create long lasting bonds to endorse your brand and reach maximum audience.
  1. Content: Content isn’t just bound to the text, images, or videos you carry on your website. It is the basically the entirety of the experience your company or brand creates, designs, and shared online and offline. It includes everything ranging from taglines to logos, to phone calls, blog text, images, etc. Videos and images can be a big hit for the off-page SEO of your brand mainly because they work as a low-investment/high potential vehicle to drive awareness and bring traffic to your site, boosting your off-page reputation in the process. Do experiment with your content types they can do wonders for your Off-Site SEO.
The above mentioned Off-page SEO strategies can undoubtedly bring your brand immense success. Just follow these SEO tactics and nothing could stop you from becoming an online brand.

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