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5 Mobile App Testing That Can Help You Gain Users

By: Diksha | November 27,2018 |

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Ensuring the best user experience can be the best way for mobile app development companies to create a flawless mobile app. But to ensure the best user experience, they need to perform exhaustive mobile app testing before launch. Perform these five mobile app testing for user satisfaction-

Functional Testing

testing Functional testing is helpful in gaining understanding about the level of mobile app meeting the required standards. Mobile apps basically revolve around human int5eraction in user scenarios and just like any other UI-based applications require a lot of human interaction in user scenarios. However, given the challenges like different operating systems, manual testing can be time-consuming. This is the main reason QA team opt for automated functional testing. It can be the best way to balance the coverage and efficiency of functional testing with the balanced combination of automated tests and manual test scenarios.

Performance Testing

Mobile performance testing includes client application performance, network performance, and server performance. Therefore, the QA team covers all three areas while performing performance testing. With client-side performance testing, testers ensure the performance of all features concerned with user-experience, like user interaction or responsiveness.

Memory Testing

Mobile devices have limited memory as compared to desktops or laptops, hence it is necessary to ensure the maximum optimization of available memory. A mobile OS tends to close the apps that use excessive memory, ultimately lowering down the user experience. It ensures that mobile app optimizes memory usage whenever it is running.

Interruption Testing

Interruptions like incoming calls, text messages, memory warning, low battery warning, insertion or removal of charging cables etc tend to pop up while using the mobile. Therefore, interruption testing ensures that tasks performed your app are not affected by these interruptions.

Usability Testing

testing Usability testing is performed to ensure the quality of a mobile app from the user's point of view. It analysis the performance on different measures. The precision and completeness, with which, a user can perform a task using the app in specified environments measure the efficiency of the products. They test the effectiveness by measuring the resources used up to achieve the goals of precision and completeness. Satisfaction is tested by measuring the comfort level offered by the app to the users. So if you want a mobile app working effectively and glitch-free, drop us a message here. Our experts will reach out to you for further discussion about your business idea and the app you want.

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