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4 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Will Be A Game-Changer In 2019

By: Diksha | May 02,2019 |

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Social Media Marketing has come a long way in the past couple of years. And, this trend is not stopping any soon. Around 60-70% of the business relies on social media marketing to market their business, and we are not surprised seeing these figures. The social media marketing enhances business activities on various social media platforms which further contributes to the marketing objectives such as - website traffic, brand awareness, and customer acquisition. The activity is usually in the form of content such as - images, texts, and videos. Apart from that, it includes paid ads and community engagement. When we like anything on the social media platforms, we have the ease to share the content and we serve as a channel of distribution. We all know social media has a great influence on the audience, and businesses have to constantly come up with new ideas to engage the audience. This will help to generate leads and ultimately increase sales. Wondering, social media marketing will be a game-changer in 2019? Let’s read out the few reasons for its popularity.

Create Brand Recognition

The ultimate goal of any business is to gain brand recognition. People usually buy from the brand which is recognized. Thanks to social media marketing, we can have an easy and effective brand building. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing allows your brand to reach wider audiences and help them gain instant popularity. Bonus Tip: Make sure you pay close attention to the logo designing. It should be placed strategically, neither to distracting nor overwhelming.
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Learns to connect with your audience through social listening

By the term social listening, we mean the act of monitoring the social conversations people are having around. Try to understand what’s important to your audience, and identify your target audience. Doing this will also help you know the tone of people. Bonus Tip: Make it a part of your routine to examine what the audience is saying. Social listening will surely take you a long way and help you reach bigger goals.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Social media marketing is a great way to share your brand’s goal. However, sharing your story or journey will have a big impact on the audiences. These can be extensive or simple, but it will surely have an impactful image. Bonus Tip: You can share the stories of people who use your service or product. If people are appreciating what you are selling, and share it instantly. This will help to build a positive impression on people and help share your story at a global platform.

Build Customer Loyalty

We love things which come free to us, don’t we? With effective social media marketing, you can build brand loyalty. Customers love to interact with the brands which they enjoy. Moreover, if the customer is following your business, then they are certainly loyal to you. This will automatically help to increase traffic. Bonus Tip: Be sure you keep your audience happy and engaged. What can you do for that?
  • Provide them with discount coupons or promo codes.
  • Try to ask open-end questions that will further allow the audience to reply.
  • Free gifts can also work wonders in your marketing strategy.
Using these creative marketing strategies, you will automatically attract audiences. Whether you have a small-scale business or large scale establishment, you can get benefitted by the use of effective social media marketing. Get ready to map the road to success!

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