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3 Latest Email Marketing Trends in 2018

By: Diksha | September 08,2018 |

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You’ve probably noticed several different trends in past and the emerging marketplace is successfully throwing new marketing trends and continues to woo the audience. Let me tell you about the 3 most interesting email marketing trend most likely to be followed in 2018.

More Value, Less Time

You must be familiar with the procedure of decorating an email with pictures and animation and the time it consumes. 2018 will introduce to the trend of plain text emails with interactive message. Sure there are users like a lot of visuals and imageries but on the other hand there are other, like old and classic style of reading. A great news for companies, because writing simple and plain texts are attracting more consumers as it is simply informative and removes the overhead of waiting for imageries to load. Moreover, it is beneficial to companies as it takes less time to write up and makes it best email marketing trend. Obviously, value comes in from packages and companies can expect it from social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram. Companies who can move towards these platforms more are going to reach a wider audience while providing more value for their readers in half the time.

Interactive Email Content to Attract Users

Mails can be big hit or miss with consumers, there is no in-between. The trend of users turning to social media to follow their favorite brands and product providers, brands are also required to bring some of characteristics in customized emails. They can go for creating interactive emails and allow users to take the conversation further by allowing them to reply to the emails. Or can add button and imageries to redirect them to their website or homepage, whatever. There are wide range of options available to be added like polls, surveys, embedded social media posts, games, animations etc which can engage more consumers for good.

Incorporating AI enabled Chatbots

With the emerging advanced technology, it continues to amaze us by allowing us with the new technologies and trends to expand our consumer reach and business value. In 2018 major email marketing trend you’re going to experience is incorporation AI enabled chatbots into the emails we send to our end-users, subscribers and leads. AI can offer better and effective customization and can automate the email which are much easier to send. It will enable the companies to cover wider user bandwidth and keep updated with the pace of users.

In addition to these new trends, we will also see companies building on previous trends. For example, last year, companies put a huge emphasis on making emails more accessible on mobile devices. This will continue to be important in 2018 as more and more people will be relying on their mobile devices to receive information that’s important to them.


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