26 Oct 2020

Say Hello To New Powerful Google Analytics 2020!

Introduction Google Analytics has come up with several updates over the years, but this one is the biggest update till now. The new version supports a unified version of both mobile and web, smart machine learning capabilities, privacy updates, native integrations, and much more. The whole idea of t...
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21 Oct 2020

Travel Booking App Development in 2020: Features, Costs, and FAQs

Introduction The travel industry is by far one of the most competitive industries. However, the year 2020 has severely affected the travel industry and made it witness downfall. But, with the year ending, it’s time to get back things in action. With places opening again, it’s time for some redem...
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13 Oct 2020

4 Powerful Hacks To Improve Lead Generation Campaigns

Introduction Quality lead generation is a daunting task and without leads, your business is likely to fail. Well, every company has its own goals and expectations from the business, but the major portion of the business goals depends on the lead generation. So, giving priority to this one is really ...
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08 Oct 2020

10 Top iOS Apps Worth Downloading In the Second Half Of 2020

Introduction Amid COVID19, there has been a big change in the download patterns of the apps. We all are aware of the popularity of iOS apps and how the users go crazy with each new release. They are always best-in-class! But, with the millions of apps in the App Store, it gets difficult to pick [&he...
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