18 Nov 2020

TDA Listed Softuvo As Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies Fall 2020

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” Softuvo Solutions feels pride in announcing that we have been listed as the Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies Fall 2020. Competing with several companies across the globe is daunting, but our hardwork and consistency have helped...
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26 Oct 2020

Say Hello To New Powerful Google Analytics 2020!

Introduction Google Analytics has come up with several updates over the years, but this one is the biggest update till now. The new version supports a unified version of both mobile and web, smart machine learning capabilities, privacy updates, native integrations, and much more. The whole idea of t...
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13 Oct 2020

4 Powerful Hacks To Improve Lead Generation Campaigns

Introduction Quality lead generation is a daunting task and without leads, your business is likely to fail. Well, every company has its own goals and expectations from the business, but the major portion of the business goals depends on the lead generation. So, giving priority to this one is really ...
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30 Sep 2020

How To Fix Google AMP Crawl Issues: Errors, Fixes, and FAQs

Are you facing AMP issues on Google Search Console? Don’t worry! There are thousands of sites that face such issues every day. Google keeps coming up with updates that focus on mobile-friendly experiences. Google Search Console constantly monitors the Accelerated Mobile Pages and its implementatio...
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25 Sep 2020

Webinars: The New-Age Business Meeting Room

Introduction There is no surprise to the fact of how COVID19 has ruined the business world functions. It has forced businesses to shift to making new business plans overnight. With business trade fairs and conferences being canceled everywhere, people are now relying on the virtual resorts. So, what...
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04 Sep 2020

How COVID19 Changed The World Of Online Grocery Stores In 2020

Introduction Gone are the days when grocery shopping demanded us to step out of our homes, but not anymore! You can get your groceries to deliver at your doorsteps. The COVID19 times have also contributed to its popularity. The global pandemic has left several businesses in losses while businesses l...
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02 Sep 2020

What Are The Best Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses?

Introduction Handling different social media platforms can be one of the hardest things you can do. It can demand a massive amount of your time and effort to develop the best content you can give your customers. Luckily, there are social media management tools that can help you with your dilemmas. S...
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29 Aug 2020

How To Use SEMrush For Solid Business Foundation – Keywords, Traffic, FAQs, And More

Introduction The current tech age has welcomed the world of digital marketing with open arms. With so much competition out there, it has become difficult for the companies to survive this war of business. In this rat-race, everyone wants to stand ahead of the other, but not every plan is a success. ...
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25 Aug 2020

Clever Hacks To Fix Crawl Errors In Google Search Console

Introduction We all love to see our website rank at the top of search engines, don’t we? But, not all websites rank top! To make a website rank it is important for the site to crawl and index on the search engine. So, what exactly to do if your website has crawl errors? Several questions […...
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Content Marketing
20 Aug 2020

The Magnificient World Of Content Marketing 2020 – Facts, Benefits, Strategies, And FAQs

Introduction We always talk about marketing techniques, but what we miss is the content part. Content plays a crucial role in delivering your message to the target audiences. With the help of Content Marketing, you can actually trigger the buyer’s emotion and change their buying patterns. In this ...
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